Saturday, January 5, 2013

Les années nous viennent sans bruit.

Already we are in 2013 and needless to say, I have neglected the blog since arriving here in Paris. This year, I hope to set a precedent and regularly update this blog with my latest happenings, calamities and misdemeanours.

Brief recap of the year abroad so far: 

Started my internship, joined a football team, found my bearings around Paris, bossed the geography round at the language exchange pub quiz (obscure capital cities would definitely be my Mastermind speciality), experienced the infamous French bureaucracy on multiple occasions, learnt to dance like a Breton at a fest noz, attempted to be cultural and failed, lost my grasp of the English language, ate my weight in bread, pastries and cheese and (still) struggling to get to grips with la langue française. Merde. 

Image via Detail-Oriented Diva
Whilst I have hugely enjoyed my year abroad thus far, there are still areas that need working on so without further ado here are my year abroad resolutions for 2013:

Be more proactive with my language learning.
To say the least, my French accent is still more à la Delboy Trotter than I'd like. It is too easy to fall into speaking English constantly especially as all my colleagues and the majority of my friends are English-speaking but I really hope to make some improvements on my French before I leave. Therefore, I will start to watch more French films and TV shows and listen to more radio programs. Hopefully, I will try to set up sorting out a language exchange partner too.

Write more.
Whilst I hate thinking about the fact that I will soon be entering the big bad world without the aids of my beloved student loan or interest-free overdraft, I am more and more aware that I have to start thinking about what I actually want to do. I am incredibly indecisive so I still don't know exactly what job, sector etc. but I have thought a while about journalism so I might as well try scrubbing up my writing skills and see how it goes!

Take more photos.
This is the biggest regret of my gap yah and I still have hardly taken any photos since arriving. Maybe the motivation of updating my blog will ensure that I follow this resolution through. Plus the fact I have a memory of a fish so it would be a great memory aid!

Make the most of it.
Not really much of a resolution as that is what I've always intended to do and I don't find it a chore but (massive cliché alert) I really want to make sure I finish the year abroad without any regrets and grab the year abroad by the horns!

I'm starting small for now and we'll see how it goes. 2013 looks set to be a great year, already I have trips to Switzerland and Nice planned, family and friends are visiting,and to top it all off, I'm in South America for 6 months (Medellin, the rest of Shakiraland, Santiago, Perah, Bolivia). Excited is not the word!

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