Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tejo: A Unique Colombian Experience

"You throw stuff and if you hit the target, here's explosions."

That was the way my Colombian friends described to me the game of tejo, a game that could be alikened to bowling with gunpowder. To say the least, I was intrigued. So when I was offered the opportunity to do it in Salento, I had to give it a go.

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To play, we had to buy a beer (or a gaseosa if you're not drinking) for 3000 COP. Not a bad entry price! We were then explained the rules of tejo:

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The target
  • You have to throw a heavy metal disc from the assigned line about 10 metres away
  • The aim is to land the disc inside the target
  • If you hit one of the gunpowder-filled triangles and cause an explosion 3 points
  • If you land the disc inside the circle 6 points
  • If you cause an explosion and land the disc in the circle 9 points
  • The group is divided into 2 teams and the aim is to get 15 points first.
Or at least that's what I understood!

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All of the group being tejo virgins, it took us a while to get points on the board. In fact, we decided to throw from a closer distance as none of us were getting anywhere! I, in particular, was having great difficulty having added no points to my team's total. This continued until the very last final throw when I nailed it on the top triangle! I was able to go home feeling proud as a lion.

Tejo is a great way to socialise whilst getting to know an unique part of Colombian culture. However, we bored quickly of the game as we were all so god-awful at the game. Overall, I'd recommend you to give it a go so if the opportunity crops up, go for it!

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