Sunday, August 18, 2013

Go Shorty it's my Birthday: 23 things to do before 23

I'm 22 today which clearly calls for this being played on repeat:


Without using too many clich├ęs, birthdays allow a lot of time for reflection. This year has been without doubt an amazing, crazy, difficult yet rewarding experience. I've interned in Paris, been able to see my friend in Basel, eaten all the amazing French food on offer, ran a half-marathon in Nice, called Medellin home for 3 months, travelled through South America and I'll end my year abroad experience on Colombia's Caribbean coast. To say I'm spoilt is an understatement.

Paris with the parents

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Shakey head photo time with Martina in Basel

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Machu Picchu

So how do I top it this year? Especially due to being stuck at university for finals, it will be tough to beat this year. However, after reading Caroline in the City's 24 things to do before turning 24 post, I took inspiration. So without further ado, here's what I plan to get up to this coming year:

1. Finally make it to Wales or Ireland (or both!)
2. Complete a marathon and Tough Guy.
3. Be more consistent with the blog and post once a week
4. Recreate dishes I've encountered on my travels
5. Explore more of my local area
6.Read more French and Spanish language novels (Garcia Marquez, come at me)
7.See my best friend in Hong Kong
8. Attempt reading my way through this epic list.
9. Get involved in the free events on offer in Nottingham
10. Try out some new societies at university (Capoeira anyone?)
11. Build up my writing portfolio
12. Have a proper cream tea in Cornwall
13. Organise my next adventures post-uni
14. Improve my photography skills
15. Sort out my finances
16. Brush my SEO skills and learn how to use Photoshop
17. Keep up my French and Spanish by attending exchange events
18. Finally learn how to ride a bike properly
19. Leave uni with a 2:1
20. Practise yoga regularly
21. Keep in better touch with friends
22. Have a spontaneous, last-minute weekend away
23. Stop wishing time away and live in the moment

What are your goals for this year?

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