Thursday, February 20, 2014

The perfect finale

Finally, I have just about reached the end of my South American travels (Don't worry, it most certainly hasn't seen the end of me yet) only 6 months late. And my oh my, did they end with a big fat BANG.

Cabo de la Vela in La Guajira was without doubt one of my lasting, enduring memories of the entirety of my travels. It was an adventure, the makings of clich├ęd, off-the-beaten-path stories that I will no doubt bore friends, families, grandkids (ha) for years to come. No amount of hyperboles and exaggerations and hyperboles can describe it but it was truly INCREDIBLE.

The journey to arrive Cabo de la Vela was fairly long with two changes. We started off in Palomino having left early at 8 o clock and took a bus to Riohacha which took around an hour and a half and cost $8000 ($4.50) Colombian Pesos (I think.) We then took a shared taxi to Uribia (I think it cost $12000) and then we squeezed into a 4x4 for an interesting, bumpy ride to finally reach Cabo at 3pm.

Cabo de la Vela is a popular destination for Colombian during the holidays but we had arrived decidedly off-season and the word 'tumbleweed' popped into my head as we arrived in the town. However, the lack of hustle and bustle made the trip all the more special. We found ourselves a hammock for the night and wandered along the beach as the sun was setting. A kite surf school has just set up in Cabo so we were able to watch a couple of kite surfers in action. A fitting end to our first day.

The next day started off as fittingly as the day before ended. We were woken up naturally by the sun and gentle sound of the waves (I'll stop sounding so soppy in a minute) Breakfast was in order (obviously) and as seafood was dirt cheap, we had, no word of a lie, lobster and eggs with the compulsory arepa for breakfast and it was delicious. It was my first time having had lobster so there was no better place to indulge and we even got to choose the unlucky creature ourselves.

Having teamed up with a Colombian/Venezuelan couple who kept plying us with shots of aguardiente at 8am, we hired a boat out to head to Pilon de Azucar. We passed La Cueva de Diablo before reaching the beach itself.

We spent a bit of time at the beach before we decided to ascend the viewpoint. The views were outstanding and I still can't get over how blue the sea was. 

After a few hours, we headed back to Cabo de la Vela to eat more fodd, have an afternoon nap, go back to the simple life. The facilities were basic (little running water, manual flushing toilets etc.) but the lack of technology etc. was a refreshing break. Plus the lobster was so cheap, we had it again that evening for tea, it was bliss!

I wish I had more time to have ventured further up to Punta Gallinas but at least I have an excuse to return! Cabo de la Vela is worth the journey so if you ever make it to Colombia's Caribbean coast, La Guajira has to be on your list.

Have you been to La Guajira? Where's your favourite place for a getaway?

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