Sunday, March 30, 2014

A tribute to an intrepid traveller

Happy Mother's Day! For those outside of the UK, we (as per) do things differently so it's today that we celebrate the influential women in our lives. I felt therefore it was fitting to do a travel-based tribute to my dear mother, who along with my dad, is probably the culprit of my travel obsession. I will try and keep this as unsoppy as possible but I am not promising anything!

One of the few photos of Mam in front of the camera

Although I may roll my eyes when Mam launches into another "When I was in..." story, the truth is she has some amazing travel stories. Like the time her family went to East Germany (my Grandpa was from Dresden) and Mam and her brother smuggled in their stamp collection because they weren't allowed to bring in stamps. My granny then subsequently found out and flushed them down the toilet. Or just the fact she has done the TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS. I know. She has been to Japan, Mongolia, Sudan (before the conflict) the list is by all means non-exhaustive.The fact that she says she chose to study Medicine was because she would get the maximum amount of holidays (in the days when you were paid to go to university) also shows her love for travel. I believe saving people's lives and doing good was a close second.

She also puts my French to shame a lot of the time and she did French up to A-Level and that was a fair bit ago so it's impressive that she can do more than just hold her own in a conversation. It would be nice if she would let me get a word in edgeways sometimes though (we are a stubborn bunch unfortunately)

Whilst my sister and I would beg my mam and dad for TVs in our rooms, Playstations, Gameboy Colours, a puppy, I could go on, Mam would hold her ground and not allow us such whimsies (the puppy is anything but a whimsy though). Instead, the one big luxury was family holidays. We spent most of our childhood summer in the Scottish Highlands. As we got older, we went off to Spain (including one tragically hilarious package holiday to Menorca), Italy and several trips to the US which included a road trip from the Grand Canyon to San Francisco. We did well for holidays. Not only that but most of my etched memories are to do with these amazing holidays that would not have been replicated with any extravagant gadget.

Her travel photographs are damn good and I wish I had an example of her photos because mine pales in comparison - that may not be too hard to do though. My mam has a knack of getting the right perspective, in the best light and she always spots the small details that make a photo go from good to great. Her love of photography is also the main reason why there a few photos of her and I have an aversion to having my photo taken as she takes photos ALL THE TIME. The photogenic gene is unfortunately lacking in our family. 

I could go on but I think I have said enough. My Mam is indeed a wonderful woman, who has passed on her perpetual curiosity, itchy feet and love of food down to me. I could not be any more grateful and it is of course a sentiment I feel year-round but it is nice to have the opportunity of Mother's Day to take time out to properly show my gratitude to my dear mother.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

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