Monday, March 31, 2014

Newcastle in the sun

Almost two months ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Traverse 14. For those that are into blogging, it's a travel blogging conference and it was brilliant. Not only that but it was held in a place I hold pretty close in my heart: Newcastle.

I prepared myself for the homecoming by listening to songs such as Fog on the Tyne and Blaydon races on repeat (I am not even joking) looking forward to indulging in a ham and pease pudding stottie and of course, bracing myself for the slightly colder - read Baltic - temperatures.

But I was greeted to clear blue skies and sunshine as the train pulled into Newcastle and the sight over the Tyne looked incredible. I know the weather well enough to know this is a rarity, which it was as I learnt on the Sunday experience when we cycled in torrential rain on the moors, so I took the opportunity to get snappy happy of one of my favourite cities and hyem. 

I headed first to Central Arcade. I was always dragged there by my dad as my sister was an avid musician so J.G.Windows, a music shop was a regular port of call. I did not take any notice of how beautiful it is then but I certainly do now.

Grey's Monument at its finest.

Grey Street, voted Best Street in the UK (by Radio 4 listeners, they should know) who am I to argue?

Redhouse, a place where you can pick your pie, mash and gravy - need I say more?!

I had to end up on the Quayside to get the eponymous view. The one new fact I learnt over the weekend, apart from all sorts of blogging tips, was that apparently Sydney Harbour Bridge was based on the Tyne's design.

Another great view: The Millenium Bridge or 'The Eye'. The bridge is designed to allow boats past, so at certain points of the day (usually early morning) the bridge tilts to let the boats through.

Pretentious artsy shot

My weekend there was simply not enough. Newcastle will always have the sense of homecoming for me and being able to see the city in such beautiful weather was a lovely way to spend my time there. Hopefully, when I'm in Northumberland for the summer, the weather will be kind to me then (fingers crossed) so I can properly explore!

Have you been to Newcastle? Which city is 'home' for you? 

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