Monday, March 17, 2014

Walking in the footsteps of Gaudí

During our time in Barcelona, we got a lot done. We went to La Boqueria (more about that in a later post), wandered around Las Ramblas, looked around La Sagrada Familia, basically we went to town with all the tourist attractions on offer in Barcelona. But Sunday was almost a complete write-off thanks to a full night of partying - I crashed out early at half 4 -  the subsequent need to recover and a late start to the day. Luckily, we did manage to do something which was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity: Parc Güell. So basically, the title makes the post sound a lot more profound than it actually is (I'm a big fan of a pretentious title every now and then) but it sounds a lot more interesting than just 'Parc Güell'.

'Everything comes from the great book of nature'

After getting lost going on a slight detour, we finally made it. But the long walk uphill was worth it. Words cannot really describe the experience so I will just leave it to the photos, which do not do the park justice, do most of the talking (for once.)

To think that when it originally opened, the park was considered a flop by its critics is unbelievable! Out of the two Gaudí works we saw in Barcelona, this one was by far my favourite as it offered the chance to escape the crowds (apart from the tiles and the scupltures) and see his work in the open-air.

Have you been to Parc Güell? What is your favourite attraction in Barcelona?

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