Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scents of Adventure

It has been over 6 months since I returned from sunnier climes and now more than ever, thanks to the typical British weather, I am craving balmy temperatures, sand between my toes and sun rays embracing my skin. So imagine my envy when I stumbled across Kuoni's Maldives page. My budget is no time soon going to stretch to pay for a stay like this but I can dream. Or maybe not...If pictures of clear blue skies and white sand weren't enough, there's even the cheeky opportunity to win a 7 night stay with flight included!

So what is the competition? Kuoni in October began to create a special map of the world that featured the different scents that spanned different countries. Brazil is represented by coffee, the USA's obvious choice had to apple pie and now they're looking for the scent that portrays the Maldives'. 

With beach holidays, there are always the stereotypical flavours and smells that come to mind: the fresh, salty air when having a sunset stroll on the beach, the smell of incredibly fresh tropical fruit salad for breakfast, a cheeky chilled beer or two to cool off. But for me, the smell that epitomises the Maldives has got to suncream. Unusual choice I hear you say? Allow me to justify my answer. Health motives aside (because I'm a responsible adult taking care of my skin), the smell alone reminds me of holidays, relaxation and amazing memories on the beach. The first time you smell sun cream signals the start of the holiday; well it certainly does for me as the sun making an appearance at home is a rare occasion! The scent just encompasses beach holidays. Also, as Brazilians vehemently endorse, suncream plus sand equals the best exfoliator and the smooth skin feeling that I have post-holiday cannot emulated by any moisturiser! Now all of this talk of suncream and holidays has really got me craving an escape to the sun...

So now I've added my two cents to the discussion, why don't you add yours? What do you think should be the scent that represents the Maldives? Find out more about the competition here.

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