Sunday, April 13, 2014

Local Heroes: French Living

Mam and Dad came to visit a few weeks back so it was a great excuse to go back to an old favourite, French Living. The place could not be any French if a man wearing a beret and breton-striped jumper with a string of garlic slung around his neck had somehow got lost on the Tour de France, cycled in and shouted OOH LA LA. You walk in and you immediately think of Amelie wandering around Montmarte with the accordeon-lead soundtrack in the background. You are greeted with a 'Hello Mesdames, Messieurs' as you are shown to your table. No mention of Italian Pinot Grigio or Spanish Rioja, the menu is a showcase for French terroir.

It is that French.

It even says on the menu, 'What makes French Living unique? 1. Free French advice, grammar or recipes. 2. 100% home made food.' The only way the place could be more French would be if it transposed itself to France.

And the food?

It will live up to all your French stereotypes and then some.

I wasn't too snappy happy that night but I did get a few photos but they were just as tasty as they look. We also had a great Merlot to accompany the meal too.

My memory doesn't serve me well so I only remember the dishes that was photographed but what I do know is that the food on the whole was excellent. I began with a Galentine de Lapin, a terrine-like dish with rabbit and a cheese crisp on the top. It was lovely. Mam had a Tartiflette for her main which was, as per, the ultimate comfort food. The combination of cheese, ham and potatoes are a pretty fail-safe option. For my main, I had Chevreuil aux myrtilles, venison cooked to perfection with a blueberry sauce, a sort-of ratatouille side and dauphinois potatoes. Just so good. For pudding, I was originally going to go for cheese but I was stuffed so we all decided to share a Café Gourmand, which is has to be one of the best innovations of the French, especially for someone who is perpetually indecisive and has eyes bigger than their belly like me. It's a selection of 4 desserts in mini form, with a coffee on the side. The selection was Crème Brûlée, which as fantastic as I remembered it was the previous time, a meringue, a chocolate cream and a tangy lemon cream in a brandy basket which was a joint favourite with the crème brûlée.

French Living offer great deals for lunch and pre-theatre/early bird and even after 7pm, there are set-price menus on offer. So if you're fancying some Gallic flavour and you're nearby Nottingham, pop in to French Living. You won't be disappointed!

French Living, 27 King Street, Nottingham. Tuesday-Friday 12-2:30pm 5 onwards. Saturday from 12 onwards. Closed Sunday and Monday.

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