Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, We Meet Again #4

Now back in Blighty and I'm in much need of some sunshine, which will have to come in the form of these glowing links instead as actual sunshine is hard to come by at the moment!

Caffeine Hit

This nineties classic just reminds me of watching Space Jam (BEST FILM EVER) endlessly. But it is also great wake-up material so here is a caffeine hit with a touch of nostalgia that I could listen to on repeat.

Favourites this week

Jayne wrote a great post about a charity, Reality Gives, in Mumbai that is doing brilliant, effective work in its biggest slums.

It must be USA road trip season as I've recently seen so many brilliant posts: Vicky spent two weeks road-tripping, hitting San Franciso, Coachella, Las Vegas and New Yoiiik, Monica has just come back from a Trek America road trip around the West as well as sampling the best gastronomic delights Miami has to offer and Trek America have a great four day UK experience up for grabs, mimicking their amazing tours over the pond. You only have until 19th May to do so!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! There have been plenty of delicious Mexican-related posts over the last week and this best food in Sayulita compilation from Steph had me almost want to eat the computer screen there and then.

I'm aiming to replicate these potato nachos from Channel 4's Sunday Brunch sometime soon. They look relatively failsafe to cook up - famous last words!

And these Ginger Beergaritas from How Sweet Eats would go perfectly with Mexican food or a Barbeque or just to cool down on a hot, sunny day.

This week I've...

Been eating as much as I can in Hong Kong, had a quick dash around Landan then headed home for a few days reprieve before taking on finals that stand between me and freeeeeedom (a la Braveheart).

What are your favourites from this week? Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

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