Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday we meet again #6

Monday again. No need to worry here's my pick of last week to set this week off with a big, fat, loud, BANG.

Caffeine Hit

Yes it's in French (intermitted with a cheeky bit of franglais) which definitely counts as revision and should automatically elevate this song to lofty heights of cool - if it doesn't, then get outtttta here - but Christine and the Queens are amazing - and this video is so enchanting. Find more of their stuff here.

Favourites this week

Kash's roundup of his time in Jo'burg looks absolutely amazing. South Africa has always been a place that's interested me especially after my parents visited there a lot when they lived in Zimbabwe and my sister went there a few years back which means that Kash's post are just further reinforced my fascination with the country. So many different sides to just one city as the post shows.

What I love about Becki's blog is that she is always exploring somewhere a little bit different to the usual and Dresden was no exception. Dresden is where my Grandpa came from and I feel, a very underrated destination. Check it out.

If you've got a desire to start up a travel blog and don't know where to start, learn from the pro Adventurous Kate. So many priceless nuggets of advice - a lot of which I am not doing - the post is pretty much the number one resource you should head to if you want to get started in the travel blogging world.

Travel stuff aside, I have been in the depths of revision procrastination this week and I have been mainly distracting myself by looking at festival fashion (and dreaming that someone will buy me tickets for Bestival). This kimono from ASOS, I don't just want, I NEED. It is beautifullll.

My student loan is in serious jeopardy/already is but after seeing that 4 gold stacker over knuckle rings from Mary's Ebay Wishlist were a whole 99p, I had to buy them. Obviously.

This week I've...

Been doing the same old, same old as the absence on Instagram shows. Revision is in full swing but now only 3 exams stand between me and FREEDOM. I did however get to attend a talk with no other but the UK Ambassador to Cuba, Tim Cole, which was fascinating and made me realise how ignorant I was about the whole situation there. He also has blog (what a hero) and tweets so if you're interested check out those channels. Blog-wise, I've been recounting my time in Malaysia with remembering the best eats of the trip, trekking to Monkey Beach in Penang National Park and more food, this time at one of Georgetown's night markets, Red Garden Food Paradise.

What are your plans for the summer? Are there any festivals that are on your list?

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