Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last Hurrah: The Notts List

It's finally under a week until I finish exams forever and the uni bubble will gradually burst, after which I will most likely freak out, have a quarter-life crisis and frantically try to search my purpose in life.

But not before me and my housemates - sorry grammar police - make the most of our limited time in Nottingham and all it has to offer. However, my track record with lists is poor considering my to-do list before leaving Medellin. And whilst I hoped I would make the most of my time here (amongst many other wistful goals that have yet to be started) and explore more of the local area, time commitments and pure laziness had other plans in mind.

But now because time is short here and everyone is in the same frame of mind with regards to leaving Nottingham, I'm feeling fairly optimistic that we should get at least half of the list done. If anything, they will make great blog posts which should be motivation enough!

Perhaps unsurprisingly a lot revolves around food and drink, with a cultural additions to make up for some of the, lets say, more unrefined activities but anyhoo, here goes the list:

A refined boat ride on Highfields Lake
Nottingham Castle
Posh brunch at Browns
Annie's Burger Shack
Picnic in Wollaton Park - where BATMAN'S house is
Nottingham Contemporary to get our culture vulture on
Newstead Abbey, we are in Lord Byron's old stomping ground and it would be rude not
Warsaw Diner to recover from the night before
Campus 14 / The Bar Crawl that shall not be named
Go on one of Nottingham's infamous trams
Grad Ball
Swimming in the Trent
Bluebell for old times' sake
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which may or may not be the oldest pub in England
Trent SU
Bad JuJu
Canal Crawl

Have you got any suggestions for Nottingham? How did you spend or are planning to spend your last days at university?

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