Friday, May 23, 2014

Foodie Friday: Georgetown's Night Market

It's called Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market, which is a bold claim to make. Obviously in the interest of my readers, I had to go and see if it lived up to the hype.

We headed over on a Saturday night and whilst the place was busy, it was not packed.

We bided our time deciding what to opt for and in the end, we started off with:

Thai Seafood Curry

Som Tam Salad

Korean Leek Pancake

The fact that the Thai curry was only called Thai Seafood Curry should have been warning enough, it was mediocre at best. The fact that we left half of it is testament of such - clean plates are definitely the norm! The Som Tam and the Korean Leek Pancake however, so good! The Som Tam probably draws with the Mango Salad I had in Chinatown and the Korean Leek Pancake was delicious and light. 

Round Two.

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab

Chocolate Mousse

Banana and Walnut Tart

We also had a Chicken Teriyaki but that was also distinctly average. The rest however was delicious. Soft shell crab became my new found obsession after this and the puddings were rich without being too sweet and sickly. They were a particular hit with Caitlin given that Asia's puddings sometimes are quite hit-and-miss.

After that, we were stuffed, called it a night and nursing a serious food baby. Would I go again? Yes, especially as I have a better idea of which dishes to go for and which ones to avoid. However, I did find it fairly pricey - the food courts in China Town in Kuala Lumper were cheaper and it requires a bit of trial and improvement-esque experimenting to find the good stuff. I would definitely recommend for those who are in Georgetown to give it a go, if anything else, it makes for some great people watching! 

Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market, 20 Lebuh Leith, Georgetown, Malaysia. Open 17:30-01:30 Monday-Sunday.

Have you been to Georgetown's 'Food Paradise'? Where is your favourite night market?

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