Monday, May 19, 2014

The best food in Malaysia

I am perpetually hungry. I'm the type that once one meal has finished, I begin planning what I'm having next. In Malaysia, oh my days, I was planning meals in advance the food was that good. Because of the three cuisines, Malay, Indian, Chinese, it makes for some interesting and diverse combinations and needless to say, we didn't go hungry. I definitely came back sporting some extra luggage of my own but I don't regret it one bit - OK, maybe slightly, it's Bikini season people.

Anyhoo, back to food.

Little India, Georgetown

Just about everything we had here was so, so good. I would always start off with a Mango Lassi, effectively a Mango yoghurt smoothie, and it would never disappoint. Then, there's the food: Masala Dosa - basically the Indian equivalent of a crepe, thin, crispy parcels of joy with amazing hot spicy curry inside. Then, we had Thali, Indian tapas, which is perfect for my indecisive self as it means the affliction of food envy is no more. Paneer tikka and a gorgeous sweet potato curry was my favourite. And to finish off, we would always end up back NR Sweets Cafe (where we would get the Thali from) for Yellow Peda, which I misheard as Panda, and Date Burfi. It's all the type of food that you just need to get stuck in with your hands and I am just licking my lips at the thought of the food.

Yoghurt in The Mugshot Cafe

I know, it sounds pretty run-of-the-mill but this is not just any old yoghurt, this stuff is amazing. I've already sang my praises about the place but I will reiterate, the yoghurt with jackfruit - another thing I came to love - and gula melaka is the best way to start the day. And for a mid-afternoon snack. And maybe pudding too.

Assortment of Malay food

I know, not the most explicative nor helpful description, but this array of food that we bought from a tiny kiosk in the Cameron Highlands, just before heading off to Kuala Lumpur, was delicious and if memory serves me right, a whole 6 ringitts, making it one of our cheapest meals. The eggs in particular stood out, they were covered in a spicy sauce that I still can't work what it had in it exactly. But whatever it was, it was good.

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

Chinatown was an unforgettable experience for two reasons: one, the palpatable energy and the hilarious sales techniques the stall owners used ie. "Hey, you white girl" or "Hey you like jackfruit, I give you bag for jackfruit price." SOLD. But secondly, and most importantly, the food of course was great. One food court in particular had our taste buds positively singing with this mango salad, spicy sambal green beans and this incredible chili and lime that we had all to ourselves. Take me back.

 10 days in Malaysia was way too short a time to spend there especially where the food's concerned. To be honest, I don't think I scratched the surface with Malaysian food especially considering the different dynamics the different cultures play in influencing the food. I suppose that means I will have drag myself back there to sample some more!

Have you tried Malaysian food? What's your favourite dish?

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