Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday We Meet Again #7

I swear Monday comes around quicker and quicker - anyhoo here's some crackers to start the week off with a bang!

Caffeine Hit

This album has been on repeat throughout revision and this song is perfect for a pep up on a Monday morning.

Favourites this week

Sund advice from Sarah from Yes and Yes. Perfect Monday inspiration. Check out her small business blog whilst you're there, particularly if you need advice in the writing field.

Amanda decided to see a different side of Krabi by doing a kayak tour. The sunset BBQ looks dreamy!

I've talked frequently about the challenges of learning languages and Flora's perspective of learning Spanish on the job as a journalist in Medellin (serious cravings to go back at the moment!) is a great read - especially as I'm inherently nosy and want to knowing what other people find easy/difficult with languages.

Ed's simple tips for deaf awareness on your travels or even at home is a must-read for all.

I love travelling on my own but there are of course (very few) times when I want to curl up in the foetal position and just stay in bed all day. Sarah's post about the advantages and disadvantages of solo travel sums it up pretty well.

Since coming back from Colombia, I've heard of Capurgana which looks so, so beautiful and with half the amount of people of Cartagena. This video from Que Llevar Travel just emphasises it.

JR, who is probably my favourite artist, is opening a new exhibition this week. He's previously done projects in the Rio favelas amongst many other things but now he's covering the Pantheon in Paris with his work. Somehow, somehow, I will go to see this.

This week I've...

Been snowed under with revision and work. But fear not only two days lie between me and freedom - so excited yet at the moment so sleep deprived. The champagne (OK Lambrini) is already on ice. I did make a cracking tea yesterday of honey and chilli halloumi, chargrilled veg, wilted spinach and sweet potato wedges which is probably the most exciting thing that has happened all week - so much so, that I broke my Instagram drought to tell the world about it. I clearly need to get a life. Otherwise, on the blog, I've been ranting about why I hate the traveller/tourist distinction and telling y'all about my to-do list before leaving Nottingham fo'ever.

What were your favourite posts this week? Have you made your summer plans yet?

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