Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday We Meet Again #8

This Monday marks the first Monday being a free agent - sorry to rub it in - (no uni comittments to tie me down) but for everyone else, it is still a Monday. So here we go, some crackers to start your week off with a big, fat, loud, bang!

Caffeine Hit

Ever since, this was introduced to me by my house mate, the song is constantly in my head but in a good way, the song just screams summer! Perfect chilling in the sun/getting ready for a night out fodder.

Favourites this week

Candice's harrowing account of visiting Srebrenica is a must-read.

Jayne's new feature of a weekly diary in the life of a travel blogger is great and dispels a few rumours - spoiler alert, it's not always as glamorous as you think! Jayne also did a feature last week about doing yoga in the Shard which looks amazing!

*RIDICULOUSLY CUTE ANIMAL ALERT* This cute Instagram account of a travelling hedgehog even managed to pull at my famously unfeeling heartstrings.

This guide to Barcelona's different and unique barrios is handy especially if you're lucky enough to heading out there this summer!

For all the language geeks like me, this blog of the most beautiful words in the English language is becoming - yes I may have just randomly picked a word off the list, and?! 

This week I've...

Mainly been catching up sleep! But after finishing my university career on Wednesday, I have been taking advantage of my free time to celebrate a little bit. On Saturday, we went to No Tomorrow which was in BATMAN'S BACK GARDEN aka Wollaton Hall. Great fun had by all and it didn't rain torrential amounts as forecast. This week I plan to make a start on the Notts Bucket list - we are heading to Annie's Burger Shack today yesssss and catching up with article work. Blog-wise, I only managed the one post as I was super busy but it was all about mulling over uni life and what's the plan for the near future - time to start making adult decisions!

What were your favourites this week? 

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