Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday We Meet Again #9

Monday is back again, here's some crackers to start your week off with a bang!

Caffeine Hit

I fancied a classic today and I hadn't listened to Brucie for a while so that dictated my selection for today's caffeine hit!

My favourites this week

Rachel's blog about Street Feast in East London gave me major food envy.

This post from Brenna sums up why I'm reluctant to reveal I have a travel blog.

Food critic Jay Rayner's column this week about the clean eating fad had me full on cackling. This quote in particular : they have titles such as Clean Eating for Busy FamiliesEating Clean for Dummies and The Eat Clean Diet, written by people called things like Tosca Reno, the latter's first name being just one consonant away from telling it like it is.

Did you know that after Syria, Colombia has the highest number of internally displaced people in the world? These photos from Viviana Peretti of the camp set up in Bogota reveal the sad situation

This Buzzfeed about the 16 things you could only understand if you're from Northumberland rang so true for me. Great fact to take from the article: Northumberland has the most castles per county in England. Northumberland represent.

This week I've...

Been ticking off items off the Notts bucket list which included eating at Annie's Burger Shack (so damn good), going to grad ball and visiting Wollaton Hall. Blog-wise, I covered the amazing nature trek Caitlin and I did in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and yesterday I appropriately dedicated the blog to the many wise words of my dad.

What were your favourites this week?

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