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Get Your Motor Runnin': Road Trip Essentials

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Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to do a road trip. I've probably watched way too many Hollywood movies - Crossroads I'm looking at you - but I still really badly want to do one especially if it's around the South of the USA - New Orleans and Austin in particular are on the hit list.

I have kinda have done a road trip before - after finishing A Levels all the way back in 2009, this monumental occasion also coincided with that of my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary. We marked the occasion by having a trip around the US of A. We ate our way around New York for three days before jetting off to Las Vegas to see the Grand Canyon.My dad's best friend lives just outside San Francisco and so my parents decided to casually pop in after on the way from the Grand Canyon.

It was a two day drive.

For North Americans,  I know that isn't much but two days in Europe will take you to a completely different country. Heck, it would take you through numerous different countries in that same period of time.

I learnt a valuable skill during those two days - the art of spending large amounts of time in the same spot and when RelayRides asked for my road trip essentials,  I was more than willing to oblige. So in no particular order,  here they are.

The essentials

Snacks and supplies: OK slightly lied with the no particular order bit, as for everyone who knows me,  hanger is something we all want to avoid so a good amount of snacks is essential. A good mix of healthy morsels and junk food is the best mixture as eating junk food constantly does you no gavours and eating healthily all the time is just not allowed on a road trip, you're on holiday! My suggestions for healthy supplies: salted nuts, popcorn,  dried mango and plenty of fruit. Junk food-wise: Haribo (the fizzier the better) and lots of it.

Entertainment: Let's go back to basics: old school card games such as Uno, crossword and puzzle books, real paper bools to read (OK, I will allow Kindles). The nostalgia of family holidays will come flooding back!

Comfort: No one likes a sore neck so bring a travel pillow. If you're a light sleeper an eye mask and ear plugs are great too. Load up on blankets and pillows to make the ride as comfy as possible.

And lastly...

The beats: Music will get you through the long stretches of driving. When I travel I always prepare two playlists: one for when I'm feeling upbeat or need an energy boost and another for when I want to relax. I've compiled two playlists especially for the post but I will make no bones: I am in no ways a music expert, in fact, I'm sure music snobs will balk at my choices! But my post, my rules so here goes the high tempo playlist:

Born to be wild of course makes an appearance and my fave, the Boss himself also has to feature. Classics and current chart-toppers mingle together to make a great, sing-a-long-able upbeat list.

Let´s take things down a notch with the sloooooow playlist:

Perfect chilling fodder for when you want to take things easy.

Have you been on a road trip? What are your essentials?

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