Friday, June 20, 2014

The Best Food in Hong Kong

This was the one thing I was really looking forward to about Hong Kong after having read this Buzzfeed and hearing only high gastronomical praise from Caitlin, I knew I had to TRY IT ALL.

My time was short in Hong Kong, only having 3 days to eat myself silly. But I love a challenge and I feel I did myself (and my family, my friends, acquaintances etc.) proud by having a good go at it.

So, what were the best dishes?

Char siu bao

I like to call these parcels of happiness because they are so damn tasty and without fail, I would have them for breakfast. They are sweet buns, like the Asian equivalent of a brioche, filled with barbecue pork and they are goooooooood - so good, it warrants the extra o's.

Dim Sum

It had to be done, I was in Hong Kong. And we did Dim Sum justice, by going to Dim Dim Sum. A variety of delicious dishes were had such as steamed prawn dumplings, caramelised aubergines which I forgot to take a photo of but they were amazing, prawn stuffed peppers, Won Tons, Cheong Fun rice parcels filled with prawns which were my absolute favourite and of course Char Siu Bao featured too. We finished it off with Piggy Custard Buns, which were almost too cute to eat. Luckily, we chowed them down as they were the best custard buns I had. The best bit? It cost just over £5 per person and we had more than enough to eat. Great budgeting tip if you're in a group!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

More for people watching if anything else, but the Hong Kong French toast flavour from Lab Made was divine. Full of crunchy pieces of toast, it was a perfect way to end the trip before walking over to the harbour.


I love spicy food and Szechuan settled all my cravings for a cheeky bit of chilli and then some. It made your mouth feel like it was dancing, it was that tingly. On my last night, we went to the most amazing Szechuan restaurant ever but I can't for the life of me remember its name. If I do, I'll be nice enough to update the page because it is a must-go if you like your food hot hot.

And speaking of spicy...

Biang Biang Noodles

This was probably my favourite place seeing as I practically cried when I found out that it was shut on Tuesdays meaning I couldn't return one last time. Biang biang noodles, deliciously thick noodles covered in a delicious spicy, garlicky (it will stay you with the next morning ha!) sauce at Yau Yuen Xiao Jui in Jordan is my top pick. The shop front is unassuming with a handful of chairs and one table inside but it is an unhidden gem. Go and you won't regret it!

Have you been to Hong Kong? What were your favourite dishes?

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