Sunday, July 20, 2014

Feliz 20 de Julio Colombia!

Image modified via Marca Colombia

Today is Independence Day in Colombia, a huge, patriotic occasion and bank holiday which therefore means RUMBA. As you may know by now, I love Colombia, I wish I was Colombian practically every day and most of all, I yearn and miss Colombia so, so much whilst planning my return. I do of course sugarcoat the country and may see it through rose-tinted glasses but despite its various imperfections and contradictions, I am truly and hopelessly in love with the place.

As I can't be there in person, I shall have to raise my figurative shot of aguardiente in honor of the country that feels like my second home and to coincide with the day, I've decided to share my favourite posts about Colombia/I may be doing some shameless self-promoting too.

Colombia is no doubt an up-and-coming destination, being a well-known secret as more and more people realise that its sordid past is no more and the country is once again safe for tourism.

And quite rightly so, as it is home to the most beautiful landscapes, places and people.

So come, find out more about the many facets of Colombia and discover for yourself the reasons why the Colombian tourism board coined the tagline, "Colombia - the only risk is wanting to stay."

True story.

Firstly, watch this.

Massively cheesy but it does the job.

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