Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jordan: The Heart and Soul of Hong Kong

It's a slightly bold claim to make considering I didn't make it to Hong Kong Island itself or really explored outside of the typically jam-packed neighbourhood that I set up sticks in thanks to the sister from another mister, Caitlin but I had a feeling Jordan was my kind of 'hood (yeah, I know I'm so G, DEAL WITH IT).

And it was.

I was constantly on high alert, fascinated by all the comings and goings, the hustle and bustle - without all the hustle of Hong Kong Island or so I'm told - and I was snappy happy like nobody's business.

As per, my amateur photography skills do the place no justice but I just had to share this little (compact) gem that is Jordan. I'll let the photos do the talking now:

Caitlin bartering

An oasis of calm in the middle of the city

The definition of teamwork

Have you been to Jordan? Which is your favourite neighbourhood in Hong Kong?

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