Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday We Meet Again #12

If you've been there, done that, got the Monday We Meet Again T shirt (try saying that several times over) then you'll know that's it's the usual mix of great reads, an awesome wake-up track and crackers to start your Monday off with a bang. If not, well that should have just about explained it in a nutshell!

Here we go...

Caffeine Hit 

Whilst reminiscing about one of the best summers, I was reminded of this mash up track which was the soundtrack of that summer. The song only brings back great memories and screams summer anthem.

Favourites this week

Let's start off with this motivational piece from Natalie

Perfectly timed for Bastille Day in France, Anne's Blogger's Guide to France is a comprehensive resource for all things French. (Anne along with Lindsey write two of my favourite blogs for all things Parisian.)

Did you know 13 million people in the UK live below the food poverty line? This is where food banks and your donations can help.

Of course I had to mention Colombia somehow and this blog sums up how much I miss the arepas, the football and the incredible street art amongst many other things (have I also mentioned the incredibly friendly people, their passion for dancing at every possible moment and the beautiful and varied landscapes?)

This week I've...

Been doing stuff that's not really exciting to report. Working, chilling, sunbathing (quite a monumental occasion for the North) and fitting in a few swims and runs. Blog-wise, as well as reminiscing one of my favourite summer memories, I've been talking about my favourite neighbourhood in Hong Kong - Jordan and coming to terms with my slightly melodramatic existential crisis.

What were your favourites this week? Have you got any exciting summer plans?

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