Monday, August 18, 2014

Go Shorty it's My Birthday: 24 Things to Do Before 24

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I'll spare you the whole another year has gone so fast spiel but what I will say is that contrary to my concern of coming back to Blighty after the year abroad;

It has been a bloody fantastic year.

Yes, it has been stressful. There have been times when I wished to be elsewhere but I've not done too shabby considering it was the final year of my degree.

I started 22 off with the finale of my year abroad, exploring the Colombian Carribean Coast, with a fitting last hurrah adventure to Cabo de la Vela. Back home, I've fitted in visits to Copenhagen and Barcelona as well as casually jetting off to Hong Kong and Malaysia to see my sister from another mister, Caitlin (the great advantage of having friends go off travelling and what not).

And I've only gone and managed to graduate with a cheeky 2:1. 

Pat on the back.

But now my attention turns to this coming year and what I have in store, which to be honest is pretty uncertain. But, I'm a big fan of resolutions and goals, even though sticking to them and actually ticking the items off the list is perhaps not my strong suit. And what better time to vow to be more virtuous, funnier, more interesting, more attractive etc. than my birthday?

I did a list similar to this last year vowing to do 23 things before 23 - shout out to Caroline in the City for the inspiration - and quite enjoyed it, although some of my goals were admittedly overambitious and others were absurd, so I decided to write up my to-do list for this coming year. Some of the ones that I failed to do last time have been stolen as I'd like to give it another crack of the whip. Anyhoo, back to the list, hopefully it's a good'un.

1. Publish an e-book of some sort.
2. Go back to the love of my life COLOMBIA (I may have mentioned it once or twice).
3. Brush up my neglected Russian and learn a new language.
4. Do a triathlon.
5. Enter into the foray of vlogging.
6. Stay away from temptations such as overdrafts and credit cards and live within my own means.
7. Learn how to play poker (or at least bluff).
8. Practise yoga regularly.
9. Learn how to be a morning person.
10. Learn how to code.
11. Go to a festival in Europe
12. Be more adventurous with my style.
13. Write on pen and paper more.
14. Read 52 Books.
15. Find some more freelancing gigs.
16. Get creative with cooking.
17. Maintain my French and Spanish.
18. Go back to Paris to see my girl Emma.
19. Post three times a week on the blog.
20. Rehaul the blog's design.
21. Give a presentation (outside of university).
22. Practise moderation a teeny tiny bit more especially with food.
23. Mix up my exercise routine more.
24. Have a spontaneous, last-minute weekend away.

Do you have birthday resolutions? What do you wish to achieve this year?

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