Sunday, August 24, 2014

Brick Lane Street Art

I love Brick Lane.

And no, not because I'm such an edgy hipster that's too cool to have fun.

It's the definition of a melting pot if there ever was one, different cultures and languages all mingling together on one street. Because I'm nosy curious, being able to overhear snippets of conversations I'll never understand (as much as I'd like to) and actually hearing languages other than English is a linguist's dream, especially when in Northumberland you will hear the occasional German or Dutch at most.

And then there's the food. 

You get the wafts of spicy curries, salt beef bagels, Middle Eastern, again the food available shows the fusion of the place. Finishing off with some Yellow Pendeh from one of the Asian sweets shops before wandering up and down the street was the perfect way to end my trip in London. I have already decided I'm coming back for a weekend, just to spend sampling all of the different food on the street and subsequently write an amazing food post about my findings, obviously.

But also what I love about Brick Lane is the street art. Now, you may be able to deduce that I'm not the most artsy type however, I have always been so interested in street art. It bears no pretense, has a clear message that I don't have to rack my brains for days on end thinking about and very often, is quite political, a form of social commentary on current affairs.

Annoyingly, my SD card deleted all my photos again but luckily, I've been able to salvage a few of my snaps. Here they are:

The above photo is a tribute to Charlie Burns, the 'King' of Bacon Street, who was the oldest man on Brick Lane before his death in 2012. 

Quite a fitting end to the post.

Do you like street art? Where do you think has the best street art?

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