Thursday, September 11, 2014

The one that got away (literally): Zimbabwe

Because I'm a massive show-off, I love to slip into conversation that I've been to Zimbabwe and I was given a Zulu middle name, Thandiwe (same as the gorgeous Thandie Newton). It means Beloved so it makes the best diva name ever, Naomi Beloved Todd. Deed poll here I come.

But I'm one of those people who's all talk and no trouser as I cannot remember a thing.

A trendsetter before I knew about trendsetting, check out my hat.

I was just a teeny tiny toddler - the chubby cheeks, the bunches and the questionable early-90s fashion tell a story - and as my mam and dad lived in Zimbabwe before me and my sister were born, they made a return to show their darling bundles of joy off (obviously) to friends and practically adopted family.

I know Zimbabwe hasn't enjoyed the most stable of times recently, quite similar to that of Colombia - OK not the greatest comparison, the instability and subsequent reputation yes but the actual situation itself is comletely different - but as my parents and sister frequently start off with conversations such as "This one time in Zimbabwe," "Do you remember in Murambinda..." I know it's a magical place.

Mam and Dad worked in a rural hospital in a province called Buhera. It's so remote that most Zimbabweans I have met don't know where it is, much like when I try explaining where I'm from in the UK. Which reminds me, if you're interested in finding out more about where exactly they lived, check out the charity set up for Murambinda Hospital. I know it's cheeky but the work that Murambinda hospital does is vital for the community so if you that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you're charitable, why not have a nosey?

Back to Zimbabwe, it's times like these that I'm grateful for my snappy happy mother as without the photo albums, I wouldn't be able to see what I'm missing out on and I wouldn't be able to prove that I'd even been there. And what a calamity that would be.

South America will always be my first love but I know when, it's not a case of if, I get round to returning, I know Zimbabwe won't need to worry about competing.

Have you been to Zimbabwe? Or are there places you've been to but can't recollect?

Apologies for the shoddy photo quality,they're photos of photos and in no way do my mam's photography skills any justice.


  1. Wow, that's awesome! I love the old photos. Super cool!

    And that hat though ;)

  2. I always like the imperfectness of old photos, it has such a lovely quality that I think we miss out on digital photos.

    And I'm pretty sure I have that hat somewhere, will have to get it out to be a real headturner (hah).

  3. I've never been to Zimbabwe, but I'd love to go! I lived in Panama growing up and while I have vivid memories of Panama, my memories of some of the other places we visited like Argentina and Uruguay are kinda shoddy. But I suppose that's all the more reason to return! :-)

  4. Oh wow, how amazing that must have been! And if you're ever in need of an excuse to go back, I don't think there's much better excuse to legitimise it.

  5. you were a super cute kid. pretty cool to have such an experience so young