Monday, September 15, 2014

My Bucket List Prejudice

Photo via Dave Lawler

Roll up, roll up, gather round, I am about to do a monumental thing.

I am going to admit I was wrong.

For most of you, you're probably like, big deal, but for those who know me, they will know this is huge.

I'm the type of person who when someone tells me I can't do something, I will do everything in my power to do it - just to prove them wrong (I am that person).

I'm the type of person who refuses to back down in the most pointless of arguments. Honestly, there are times when I realise how pathetic I'm being, yet still continue to do what I'm doing.

And I am the type of person who is always right - because it's true.

With exception to this instance.

Up until recently, I had a strong hatred of bucket lists. I saw them as sappy, banal, clichéd and everyone seemed to have one. Which, of course, made me hate them ever more. A day wouldn't pass without someone mentioning something that had to go on their bucket list and every time I heard those words uttered, I resisted the urge to get up on my well-used soapbox, launch into a rant, pretty similar to the one I'm writing now, and have my say. As per.

But life throws curveballs in weird and wonderful ways and I've had a change of tune. I would say it was an epiphany, although I doubt you can call it an epiphany when you have the realisation that the old adage of life being short blah, blah, blah, might actually be true or more to the point, when you start questioning what you are actually doing with your life. Only then did I come round to the idea of a bucket list.

I'm probably not going to have a bucket list myself, as past form with to-do lists does not tell a pretty tale. But now I see bucket lists in a completely different light, they may be a current fad but they have an aim: to make the most of things, to have a life how you wish to live it and most importantly, to be satisifed with what you've got and on the whole, what you've done. Sure, there may be certain items on the list that are nigh on unobtainable but surely the fun is in the journey trying to get there.

The one thing I do still agree with though is that the bucket list epitomises our throw-away culture. The fact that once we've ticked something off our list, we look forward to the next thing, without appreciating the here and now. But if a bucket list is the driving force behind you going for what you want in life, don't let neigh-saying fun-sponges like me, tell you otherwise. Go out and enjoy the adventure.

What are your thoughts on bucket lists? Yey or ney?


  1. Ha, I'm that person too and I always like to be right!
    I used to hate the idea of a bucket list but they're growing on me. I don't like the whole 'things to do before you die' idea - mainly because I'm Peter Pan and WILL be young forever. But I like the idea of completing goals and staying focused with the things you want to see and do.

  2. Although I'm not a fan of bucket lists for the same reason that it irks me when people keep a running tally of the countries they've visited, I think you do have a good point. I liked what you said that "if a bucket list is the driving force behind you going for what you want in life....Go out and enjoy the adventure."

    Both kinds of lists can be superficial, but they can also serve as a reflective exercise and motivational reminder. If you keep a list of countries visited to remind you of the experiences had and a reminder of how much more there is to see, then who I am to say you shouldn't keep one? (However, the reason I tend to loathe these lists is that friends/acquaintances have kept them more as a bragging spreadsheet. In that case--I could care less, especially if you count "seeing a country" as a stopover at an airport!) The same goes with bucket lists--they can go either way.

  3. I hear you, this whole acting your age malarkey is beyond me! It's all about releasing the inner child.

  4. Ooh "reflective exercise and motivational reminder" should have put that in. Actually, just wait... *runs off to re-edit post*

    But in all seriousness, I suppose you could say it's a double-edged sword. The obsession of bucket lists is, I suppose you could say, a sympton of how we share everything on social media. Which I know is really ironic considering I am completely and utterly compliant in the whole social media/blogging shebang. I think the reason why I hated bucket lists initially was the fact that a lot of the lists would feature stuff that just sounded impressive, rather than the person actually being in interested in doing said item on the list. But as long as you're actually enjoying the challenge of completing the items on the list, rather than just doing it for show, then I am on board!