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2015 New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions 2015 | Todd's Travels Travel Blog
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Happy New Year 2015!

And it was a corker.

But now it's time for a new year, a new start and of course a new year, new me/you/the whole self-improvement shebang.

I love the beginning of the year and strangely, I love January. I may be a dreamer but I love the fact that this year could be the year I finally sort out my finances, tone up, be a generally kinder, better person, learn SEO, progress umpteen amounts in my career and it could also be the year I SORT OUT MY ORGANISATION SKILLS.

And whilst I am a major culprit of setting the bar way too high, every year without fail I set myself New Year's Resolutions - apart from one year when I set myself the resolution of not setting myself a resolution (so edgy).

So what do I plan to do in 2015?

Go to three different places in Colombia
2015 seems pretty set on being a year of adventure so I may as well commit to it (not as begrudgingly as it it sounds). Last time in Colombia, I wasn't very good at doing the whole getting out and about bit. What I saw merely scraped the surface of all the beautiful and diverse landscapes there is to explore in Colombia so I'm sure this is a resolution that will be easily kept.

Write more on pen and paper
Yes, a slightly sappy one but writing in its true form is something I seldom do. When I actually do it, I find it helps me plan out my articles and writing better and when I put some time and effort into it, it looks quite pretty too. Writing a letter is something I love doing, plus it gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies sending my granny a handwritten letter (because I am the best granddaughter ever).

Sort the blog out
This has been on the to-do list for far too long but I really want to shake up the blog. Learning how to nail SEO (read above) has been a wistful goal but I still have a lot to learn as well as photography, engagement, content, blah, blah, blah.

Document more
I have avoided being in photos for far too long and even though I will never cure my less than photogenic self, it's about time I actually took photos of myself in all the amazing places I am lucky enough to go to. It's pretty likely I'm at my peak of looking good so I might as well get a few photos of it before everything goes south.

Set a monthly challenge
I love a challenge and I'm stubborn as anything so the above resolution should be fun (dare I say it). This month is all about operation bikini body before my departure to Colombia, but the monthly challenges could be anything from saving a certain amount of money, improving my Spanish accent, sending more than X amount of pitches. Should be an interesting new's year resolution, to say the least.

So, those are my aims and goals for 2015. There's a high possibility they will be long forgotten by the time 2016 rolls around but I'm sure I'll have fun giving it a go for a good three weeks (before giving up and going back to my usual). But, there's plenty in store for 2015 so I will be kept busy.

So, now it's your turn - what are your new year's resolutions?

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