Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mercado Campesino in Medellín - Basically an Excuse to Eat

Last Sunday, I finally popped into the farmer's market held every Sunday in Parque de la Presidenta, which I had always been meaning to go to anyway, because it's one of the closest places to feel like you've almost left the city, but I had never got round to going.

Thanks to a bit of gastronomic motivation, I was finally lured to Parque de la Presidenta and surprise, surprise, I loved the Mercado Campesino. I had come with a very empty stomach but I was practically rolling back, having eaten enough good, local food to last a life time. Wholewheat, baked vegetarian empanadas, various different ají sauces (I was in heaven) including one with chinese gooesberries, lots of fried food and probably one of the biggest patacones (plantain fritter) layered with hogao (tomato and onion sauce), guacamole and mushroom ceviche. I was stuffed, but very satisfied.

If you're on the lookout for the perfect foodie present, you've come to the right place, I practically had to stop myself buying so much jams and sauces because I knew I would probably end up eating them all before they reached the intended recipients. If you're around in El Poblado on a Sunday, you could work up an appetite, taking part in Ciclovía -  a city wide initiative which shuts down main roads so people can run, bike, walk, roller blade etc., it's one of my favourite things to do in Medellín - or one of the outdoor yoga classes, before coming to the Mercado Campesino in Parque de la Presidenta to make up for the previous saintly behaviour. It's pretty much a perfect chilled Sunday plan, which you could then finish off by relaxing in Parque de la Ciudad del Rio.

Quite a lovely way to round off the week.

Info: Mercado Campesino runs every Sunday 8am-2pm in Parque de la Presidenta in El Poblado (just a few blocks away from Parque del Poblado). For more information about the Farmer's Markets, check out the link to their Facebook page.


  1. This market looks great! I love experiencing these types of events on trips. I'm bookmarking this post for my next Colombian adventure!

  2. Definitely do, it showcases the best local food and it's not badly priced either - which is always a bonus!

  3. I do love a good market. That looks sooooo good.

  4. For the best local Colombian food, it's definitely one of the best places to go!