Few Things to Do When You Visit Berlin Next Winter

Winters in Berlin continues for a very long period. Usually, you will continue to experience the chill till the month of April, however sometimes it prolongs up to the month of August too. You can completely forget about sunshine till February. Siberian winds will keep you frozen. As someone rightly said, during the winter season in Berlin “Ganzen Berlin ist eine groβe Kuhlshrank”. Indeed, you feel as if you are inside a big refrigerator.

Let us see what you can do in your food tours Berlin during winter months.

  • Walk around Tiergarten Park

It is really a very romantic place to visit with your girl friend during frosty afternoon. Along with that you can continue with your Berlin food tour as you will find delicious cakes of West Berlin followed by coffee at Schleusenkrug or Neuen See. There are few other places of interest too if you can afford longer walk during cold season.

  • Visit museums in Berlin

In Berlin, you will find plenty of museums, which you can visit along with your food tours too. Whether you appreciate art or not, the paintings available for display will surely attract you. If you cannot understand German well then you can Google about some of these paintings and get their details. A painting named as Das Gastmahl von Alexander und Kleitos and Jan van Bijlert must certainly get your special attention.

  • Berlin winter festival

Right from the month of January, the winter festival in Berlin starts with an exclusive festival of art, culture and technology, which is known as transmediale. This festival is being held for last 28 years and is considered as one of the most important events of Berlin.

There are many other interesting things to do in Berlin. You can click Berlin food tours and find some interesting food joints.