5 Which country makes the best wine?

At the time of drinking wine, we never think about the country producing best wine. Do you know that there are only 10 countries which contribute over 80 % of the wine in the world? Along with the green area of vineyards, you will also find wine producing location in the Gobi Desert. With the increasing demand of wine, more and more vineyards are intriguing. Let’s find out the top wine producing countries:

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  1. France: France is topping the chart of wine manufacturing since a long time. It not only produces wine in a very high quantity, but it is also the top country producing best wine. There are 10 major regions in France which produces wine and each of them is known for their specialization in signature wines. However, they are reducing the production of wine every year. Since 2007, it has reduced the production by 11 %.
  2. Italy: – Italy is on the 2nd place of producing wine for a long time. There are instances when Italy even overtook the first position from France and became the top wine procuring country. There are over 20 wine regions which is known to produce distinctive variety if wines. But like France, it is also reducing the production of the wine. Since 2007, it has reduced 7 % of production.
  3. Spain: – It may be in the third position, but it is the adobe to the world’s largest vineyard acreage. But the yielding capability is lesser than France and Italy. Although, even being in the third position, Spain produces over 32, 00, 000 tonnes of wine every year.
  4. United States: – California is the home to the largest wine producing vineyards in United States and over 90 % of the wine in the United States is produced in California only.
  5. Argentina: – Since the last few years, the wine production has risen in a great margin. It has shown a hike of about 8 % in the last few years. The unique geographical position of the country allows production of the wine in both high and low altitude creating unique flavor and essence.
  6. Australia: – The Australian economy relies hugely on the wine export. It has a great market in Asia and Hong Kong.
  7. Germany: – Germany is the pre-eminent producers of the white wine and is famous for its aroma. It exports a large quantity to the US and the UK.
  8. South Africa: – The wine type Chenin Blanc is mainly produced in South Africa. It is also known as the largest manufacturer of brandy.
  9. Chile: – Chile is the country producing the best wine type Carmenere along with the Bordeaux. Still being in the number 9 position, Chile exports their traditional varieties.
  10. Portugal: – It is famous for the high alcohol dessert wine from the northern Portugal “Port Wine”. It is made by blending several varieties of grapes.