Bandung’s Themed Cafes and Restaurants

Wonderful Indonesia

Ever heard of themed cafes and restaurants? In Bandung, you can find some cafes and restaurants that copy the concept of famous cartoons or dream places. Once you’re in there, you’re going to be thinking about if you’re still on this world or one where your fantasies are becoming a reality!

Discover Bandung’s themed cafes and restaurants from our recommendations below.

  1. Super kawaii Doraemon-theme cafe in Bandung: D’ Jones Home

Are you fond of Doraemon? You don’t have to travel all of the ways to Japan to meet Fujiko Fujio’s futuristic cat. This cafe will do more than meet your love for everything Doraemon right in Bandung! From the hands of the proprietor who loves the charming personality, this two-story cafe is designed to spoil Doraemon fans to the fullest. In Level 1, the place is filled with comfortable tables and chairs decorated with Doraemon backgrounds, while Level 2 replicates Nobita’s home — complete with his bedroom along with the iconic magic-drawer dining room!

The menu also takes on a Japanese motif with Doraemon written all over it. Enjoy particular Doraemon into collections, Ramen Ganari, Maurice Time Blanket, Jelly Translator Cheese and Doraemon’s favorite snack — Dorayaki Milk Pudding.

  1. All-white Santorini cave dining in Indonesia: Goldstar 360 Cafe

Alter your fancy candlelit dinner using a smoky cave dining. On the third floor of this multifunction construction of Goldstar Sport Resto, a unique series of all-white interconnected caves await. These Greece-inspired caves offer various concepts (outdoors, semi-outdoors and indoors) too.

There is Megas Lakkos — a personal area with blue lights, Korydallos — a gated neighborhood with a prison motif, and Stravomyti, Mykonos and Petralona that are the center sections with large glass windows. The drawings on the wall show some ancient sketches, as well as other symbolic patterns, make that exotic ambiance. Does not that simply increase the love?

  1. Visit the small fairies: Warkop Modjok

Once upon a time, there was a small restaurant named Warkop Modjok that looked like it came right out of a mythical fairy-tale.

Although the food doesn’t have some sprinkling of pixie dust, they are sure to tease your tastebuds. So grab a chair, order Markov Modjok’s signature fried rice dishes or feast on some of their snacks ranging from Spicy Tofu to Cassava Cheese and enjoy your happily-ever-after dining experience! Oh… and make a wish while you’re in it, you never know if a fairy is tuning in.

  1. Almost a doll’s house: Nanny Pavillon Home

Among the most recent child in the block in Bandung (although it already has several branches in other Indonesian cities), the inside of Nanny Pavillon is a sweet eye candy using its beautiful furniture and cute interior. Here, you can choose which room you need to dine in — be it the Dining Room, Bedroom, Garden, Playroom, or even the Toilet (yes and your seats are bathroom seats)!

Since the concept comes out of the proprietor’s belief in family gatherings and cozy treats, you will expect nothing but friendly service here, which makes you feel right at home. Nanny Pavillon can also be best-known for serving delicious French American pancakes. Do flavor its green tea pancake too!