Banten: A Getaway Destinations From Jakarta You Never Thought Possible

Wonderful Indonesia

At the border between Jakarta and West Java, there lies a city called Banten. As compared to other destinations, Banten is not dominated by the landscape. There, you will discover exotic beaches, the famous Ujung Kulon National Park, and cultures that have been preserved for hundreds of years. So if you love to explore nature and ancient history, then Banten might be your best getaway destinations from Jakarta that you never thought possible.

  1. Discover hidden beaches: Tanjung Lesung and Sawarna

If you ask your mates about beaches in Banten, the popular Pantai Carita Anyer could dominate the answers. However, if you are looking for pristine sea and sand which are more silent and off-the-beaten paths, you can travel to Tanjung Lesung and Sawarna.

Tanjung Lesung is located along the West Coast of Java, along with their white sandy beaches are known as great surfing destinations and calm swimming areas with healthy reefs to explore. You may also see Krakatau from the beaches, and even travel there from Tanjung Lesung!

Even though there aren’t any accommodations than in Anyer (that makes this place much calmer), you may still find some local homestays and resorts to choose from.

  1. Explore Banten’s National Park: Ujung Kulon National Park

This is where one can spot some of the rarest animals on earth — the one-horned Javan rhinoceros!

As one of eight UNESCO’s world heritage site in Indonesia, Ujung Kulon National Park boasts of housing many species of plants and animals. However, as there are less than 70 of the endangered rhinos inside the 76,000-hectare land, you’ll have to be very lucky to chance upon them!

You may also spot a broad selection of birds, wild cattle (banteng), otters, deer, monkeys and monitor lizards in the playground, as well as predators such as panthers, pythons, and crocodiles around the lake.

If you’re up for some exercise and care to explore the natural surroundings, not only can you increase up to the peak of the national park, but you may also do some jungle snorkeling and hiking in Peucang Island or the other islands around.

  1. Visit an Isolated Tribe Trapped in Time: Baduy Luar

The origin of the names came from the term ‘bedouin’ given by researchers to liken the tribe with Arabian people who live nomadic lives or outside the city. Ethnically descended from the Sundanese, the Baduys call themselves the ‘Kanekes’ people and practice animism as their religion.

They have a propensity to maintain a distance from the outside world, travelers can visit the Baduy Luar (which implies the ‘Outdoor Baduy’ -RRB-, observe their way of life, and also remain there. The Baduy Luar is more moderate and commercially-aware than the folks of Baduy Dalam (‘Inside Baduy’-RRB- who’re cultural fundamentalists.

Foreigners aren’t permitted to go into the villages of Baduy Dalam, and only local Indonesian travelers are allowed in. No pictures are allowed in Baduy Dalam villages. And just don’t forget the thing during your visit — respect their civilization!