Why choosing a family trip with children to South-Africa

Doubtful about a holiday to South Africa with your children?

Here are five reasons why you should no longer hesitate. Your children as well as you, yourself can spend an unforgettable holiday in this magnificent country. South Africa is suitable for a holiday with kids. Here are the reasons why.

Discovering Wildlife

In South Africa you can enjoy a safari with your children and discover a variety of wild animals. Widely spread over the country you can encounter different wild life. The National KrugerPark  is only a 40 minutes drives away from holiday homes, Homes of Africa. Under guidance you are able to watch the big five together with your offspring and watch the giants of South Africa close by.

This will be an experience that will last forever in the memory of your children.

Fantastic South African nature

The rich flora and fauna in South Africa is highly recommended. You can encounter anything in this versatile country. So you can take you children on safari in the Kruger Park, or you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Blyde River Canyon. Nature always offers something to do for the children. This makes South Africa perfect for a trip with your children.

South Africa is a safe country

The hospitable population is known for their honesty and attentiveness.

Despite South Africa’s bad reputation it is a safe country. Most tourists can spend their holidays safely and do not notice the eventual crimes.

The holiday homes and accommodations of Homes of Africa are protected so you and your children can overnight safely. The security in South Africa is not a lot different than a big town in The Netherlands.

No timedifference

A long journey with children can be quite a challenge. When they also need to get used to different time zone this can be a burden. Luckily there is no jetlag after traveling to South Africa. You will remain in the same time zone!

South African food is delicious

When it comes to food children do not like everything. Luckily you can have delicious meals in South Africa and you will taste the European influences in the South African kitchen. In the restaurants you’ll enjoy the friendliness of the local people, most of the restaurants are kids friendly and serve kids menus.

Fantastic villas of Homes of Africa are located in South Africa

When you are looking for a luxury self catering Krugerpark accommodations with private swimming pool in South Africa don’t look any further. The luxury but affordable villas of Homes of Africa are located on a private fenced estate near the Kruger National Park &Blyde River Canyon. In the estate you will find harmless wildlife such as Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Nyala, Wartogh. Kids freely move around and discover the South African bush.

Interested in a stay in these South African villas contact the team of Homes of Africa.