Courses Can be Transferred to Colleges If You Want a College Degree

There are many reasons for people taking flight courses to learn how to fly. First these courses can be taken at a private school or academy or at a college that has a course path into the aviation field.


Most flight schools have pilot training and flight courses for those who never have had any pilot training at all as well as those who have had some if not a lot of training. Most flight schools train both domestic and international students.

 Professional Pilot

This program is for residents of the United States who want to become professional pilots. The training experience and courses can lead to your “PPL, IFR, and CPL ratings” while building up flight time with flight instruction, fully helping you on a pathway for employment on commercial airlines under FAA requirements.

College Degree Program

This is a program that allows you to complete professional pilot training and then transferring your flight training hours for college credit hours where you can work for a college degree. Domestic students can even dual-enroll. International students will have to complete all flight courses, return home, change to an F-1 visa status, return to the United States and attend classes at a college. This program is accessible to those pilots to add to their credentials a college degree. 23 credit hours may be transferred towards an AS degree.

Own pace

If the studentdoes not plan to enroll inpilot training as described above, they do offer individual courses that you can take at your own pace. These include:

  • Private Pilot Course
  • Flight Instruction Courses
  • Instrument Pilot Course
  • Commercial Pilot Courses

If you ever plan to become a pilot, you will already have the flight level courses that are needed to gain your professional pilot license.