Dominical Costa Rica has become a surfing hotspot over the years. All year-round waves along its coastline continue to attract surfers from around the globe. There are however a variety of different activities people can enjoy in the Dominical. Easy availability of vacation rentals in Dominical Costa Rica has enabled easy exploration of surrounding areas.


With a 61 meter (200 foot) drop to a natural pool at the bottom, Nauyaca waterfalls are probably the most dramatic spectacle in Costa Rica. The two-tiered waterfall has created a deep pool beneath it that is perfect for swimming. From vacation rentals in Dominical Costa Rica, the waterfalls can be accessed by a horse ride or through a mountainous hike. The latter may be difficult but you would get to take in the amazing rainforest.


The vast scenery around the Dominican could also be enjoyed through a kayak or paddleboard tour. Paddling on the rivers could lead you either to the beach or to the nature filled mangroves. The slow sail in the calm water will enable you to learn about the ecology of the surrounding areas and also get to see the various animals which live there.


The dominical coast derives its name, Costa Ballina which means whale coast from the numerous number of whales which migrate to this coastline. It is hence among the best areas in the world for whale watching. You could find a vacation rental close to the beach which could save you on time to get to the sea. August to November are the best times of the year if you are to catch a glimpse of these majestic beasts.


After your many adventures around the dominical, you could stop by the souvenir stands around the beach and around vacation rentals entry points. Locals set up small shops which sell items ranging from handmade wooden items to jewelry. You could also acquire a hammock and find a perfect spot to spend the rest of the afternoon.


This is where you will get a chance to see some of Costa Rica’s most exotic wildlife. The Alturas Sanctuary provides shelter to birds and even animals that might have been injured in the wild. The animals may later be released if their health improves. The wildlife found inside is hence always changing. There are however some constants which include sloths, howler monkeys and anteaters.


This enclosure has a large variety of reptiles both from Costa Rica and the rest of the world. Any nature enthusiast will surely enjoy being here. Snakes are primarily the majority but the park also has crocodiles, poison dart frogs and amphibians. The enclosure is accessible by road not far from vacation rentals in Dominical Costa Rica.