Facts About A Secret Water Island

Located in the Shaviyani Atoll, the island Sirru Fen Fushi stands true to its name by being one of the most untouched, unexplored resort islands. Fairmont has built its beautiful resort on this island and kept construction to its minimum they have given the complete feel of being in Mother Nature’s lap. It is 120 roomed 5 Star luxury resort with a beautiful pool and a rejuvenating spa. It even has a mesmerizing underwater museum where you can walk while witnessing the wonders of Mother Nature.

It has a really distinct bar.

Sirru Fen Fushi is famous for its country’s first of a kind Balinese bar. This poolside bar is authentically designed in the Balinese style. The bamboo roofs, the foliage surrounding the bar and the pool giving it  a nice Balinese feel. Soaking in the pool and enjoying a drink from this bar is truly a moment to be relished. The blue hues of the Maldives Beaches compliment the bright hues of the bar. It is the quirkiest combination you can get on a holiday.  So, get on this secret island and discover its secrets one by one.

Here the night is actually dark.

The location of this island is so remote that it takes an hour by seaplane from Male Airport.  It is covered in white sands and gives the most epic view of the horizon. In the night, the sky is so dark that you can actually count the stars and see the constellations. You will never ever in your life, forget the night hours of this serene and tranquil place. We are sure you would never have experienced such a night ever in your lifetime.

The food is the most authentic.

The food served in this restaurant is as angelic as it can be. The fruits served here are locally grown, and they are the most organic and tasty foods you would have tasted. They are a real combination of health and taste. Apart from them, the local cuisine is served from breakfast to dinner. The local fishermen serve fresh fish, lobster, tuna and the best seafood you could think of.  The most famous delicacy is creamy, coconut reef fish curry with light chapatis, and they are so appetizing you can’t just stop at one.

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