family Holiday and Your Choices for the Bromont Travel

Are you going to take a family holiday in Bromont very soon? What a good idea especially as it is a relatively safe country! But traveling with family in Bromont is one thing, to succeed is another. It was necessary to find ways to make the travel experience more enjoyable for everyone. These tips will certainly help you make the most of your family trip to Bromont.

Attractions and tours guided or not, quickly blow up the budget of a family on a trip. The solution? you walk, many, many: parks, neighborhoods, temples or churches, bus ride. A visit to happens to be essential now.

We give up “everything” to do: if you make one or two visits, you talk about it in advance to select the one that will please everyone.

Pass visits can be a good solution, if the list is long (as in New York for example). Beyond three visits, it is generally profitable, especially since they sometimes include public transport.

Rather than the tourist bus to discover the city, one takes a regular line of local bus to cross the city (in London for example): same discoveries, same sight, and same pleasure, for much cheaper!

We put on the outdoors, the beach and hiking: free activities (or almost), always nice family.

The meals:

There is nothing better than street food (whether in Bromont or Italy) and picnics for lunch. Zapper a lunch at the restaurant can make real savings, while delighting children who often find the long time at the table. You settle on a bench, in a park, on the steps, and go.

If need be, you shop at the market to combine business with pleasure: unbeatable quality / price! And it’s always a great opportunity to immerse yourself in local life, smells, colors…

In the restaurant (because sometimes you just want to land, and taste local specialties), keep an eye on the meat and fish dishes, always and everywhere the most expensive food. Ditto for sodas, sometimes as expensive as a dish. With 3 children, it makes a difference.

Rather than constantly buying bottles of water, you equip ourselves and use gourds. I did the math in Venice and it’s really worth it: a small gesture useful for the planet as for your budget.

The memories:

It is normal to want to bring back a souvenir of travel.

We can direct children to small things: a magnet for the fridge (the beginning of a collection!), A fabric that will make a sarong, a small bracelet. The memories can also take the form of a travel diary, which becomes an activity during the stay, a notebook in which you stick tickets, admission tickets, flowers and leaves that will dry, sand or earth.

In destinations where there are many temptations, like the United States, you can have defined in advance a small sum given to each child for his memory budget. It is up to them to find the best use  and as they are “their sous”, they are much more thoughtful.