Getting to Know Los Cristianos in Tenerife

Los Cristianos used to be a fishing village. Its colorful and bustling harbor is still the heart of the place, making it the doorway towards the islands of La Palma, El Hierro, and La Gomera. Los Cristianos is rich in its Canarian character, one which is rarely felt when you’re in the newer neighboring towns.

Even in the 1950s, Los Cristianos was still a fishing folk’s town, having just over a thousand residents. When a Swedish broadcaster who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis found that the climate of the place had curative properties, the population of the town grew exponentially in the next four decades, and Los Cristianos has earned its place in the tourism map.

Arriving at Los Cristianos

From the airport, Los Cristianos is a mere fifteen-minute drive. When you first set foot in Los Cristianos, you’ll be welcomed by a variety of cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and bars around the narrow streets just very near the seafront. In the center of the plaza is the church which chimes every hour. It is the focal point for concerts and fiestas. There are plenty of shops in Los Cristianos where you can buy your groceries, clothes, and souvenirs. The shops certainly satisfy the many ex-pats who have grown to love the life under the sun.

Wherever you set your eyes on, you’ll see how much the sea has come to dominate the way of life in the town. You can observe how the daily ferries come and go, the smaller fishing boats scattered across the waters. You can enjoy the beach as you please. There are ticket offices where you can book your schedule so you can see the whales and dolphins. You can try deep sea fishing or marvel at the schools of fish and other marine life from the boats’ glass bottom.  

The Island’s Climate

Los Cristianos is found in Tenerife’s southern part. For most of the year, you don’t have to worry about rainy days. For most days, the weather is dry and hot. The winter months may not be as sunny as the days of summer, but you can still enjoy a good sunbath.

Some of the Best Places to Stay In

Hotel Reveron Plaza is a four-star hotel that is elegant and charming. It is located conveniently in the center of Los Cristianos. You may be awakened by the church bells at eight in the morning. If you’ve been partying all night and wanted to sleep some more, make sure to ask for a room at the farthest end so that you won’t be disturbed by the church bells.

Hotel Oasis Moreque is a three-star hotel with an exterior that looks quite dated. However, the rooms are spacious and bright. You can request for a room which faces the sea where you can watch the ships go by and enjoy the golden sunsets.

Arona Gran Hotel is another four-star hotel found at the south end of the bay. It is stylish, luxurious, and tranquil. You will feel the serenity of the place the moment you enter the cavernous lobby which has dripping foliage.

Shopping Galore in Los Cristianos

If you’re into shopping for interesting items at great prices, you better visit the Sunday market just near the Gran Arona Hotel. But you don’t have to wait for Sundays to do your shopping. There are plenty of shops where prices are friendly compared to stores that are for the tourist market. So go around and compare the prices of the goods first. You may find them more affordable at another shop. For independent clothes stores, visit Avenida de Suecia. You’ll be surprised by the quality of the products and the very reasonable prices for them.

Adventures at Los Cristianos

When you’re all done with your shopping spree, visit the Monkey Zoo and get acquainted with a variety of primates that live there. You can give them food if you want. They like fresh fruits so better bring apples, bananas, and grapes. While they will like you for bringing them food, it is best that you don’t put on your favorite shirt when you visit the Monkey Zoo because potty training is still a challenge.

Another park that you can visit is the Aguilas Jungle Park. This is the southern part of Tenerife’s answer to Puerto de la Cruz’s Loro park. It has an exciting display of different birds of prey as well as an exhibition of exotic birds. There is a jungle raid, tunnels, rope bridges, and several other animals such as meerkats, lions, and apes. You’ll have lots of fun there.

Beaches to Discover

A Los Cristianos beach will take your breath away. Visit Playa de Las Vistas for its golden sand that comes from the Spanish Sahara, creating a beach that is huge that only a fraction of it is being used. There are several rows of sunbeds to choose from for your sunbathing. The water is calming and inviting. You can also try Playa de Los Cristianos and Playa Callao. You can play beach volleyball with fellow travelers or with the locals, or you can simply watch other people play. You can try a new beach every day and have that wonderful tan you’ve always wanted.


Are you excited to get to know Los Cristianos up close and personal? You’ll never run out of fun activities to do while you’re in town. It won’t be long ‘til you make several friends and have a great time at one or two of the local bars. You’ll have so many stories to tell about your adventure once you get home. And once you’re home, you’ll be thinking about the next time that you can revisit Los Cristianos. It would be a great experience if you can bring your loved one, family, or friends so you can share extraordinary memories with them while you’re in this enchanting town. But if you prefer to travel alone, there are still plenty of options for you to discover Los Cristianos and get to know the many people who have fallen in love with this sunny town.