Guide to taking up Survival as a Hobby for Travel

It’s not possible to learn survival through a manual or with a first-aid kit. It requires the ability to adapt as well as endure difficult circumstances. If you want to stay safe under trying conditions then it makes sense for you to take up survival either as a hobby or as a precaution. Here is a look at why you should take up survival as a hobby or as a precaution.

Essential survival gear

The first thing that you should do when taking up survival as a hobby or precaution is to get hold of a good and robust signalling device. Typically, this involves buying a whistle or a mirror. Next, be sure to bring along a reliable fire starter. Typically, this involves buying a butane lighter or you may even want to use a flint striker.

Do not panic

Taking up survival as a hobby or as a precaution starts with learning not to panic, especially in an emergency. Panic is both physical as well as mental and usually occurs because of a shock. Survival teaches you that anxiety usually comes on when you start having devastating thoughts. Learning survival means that you will not panic in an emergency and instead you will learn to breathe deeply and think rationally. Also, it involves applying logic and promotion of positive thoughts.

Take charge

Another thing that you learn when you take up survival is that you need to learn how to take charge in a crisis situation. This is an art rather than a science that will stand you in good stead. Also, you will also learn certain skills that will stand you in good stead in different circumstances.

New skills

You will also learn some vital skills such as learning how to thaw your cold feet. All that you need to do to thaw your feet is swing your legs forcefully like a pendulum. Another thing that you will learn when taking up survival is that each footstep measures on average 30 inches. If you are fit and fine, then on average you will be able to walk at 3 mph provided the terrain you are traveling over is flat.

Finding directions

Another useful skill that you will learn when taking up survival is finding north with the help of your watch. All that you need to do is aim the hour hand on your watch toward the sun. then, south will lie between the hour hand and 12. On the other hand, North will be 180 degrees in the opposite direction. You can also learn to use the moon to find direction. If the moon rises before the sun has set then the illuminated face of the moon will be facing towards the west. If the moon rises after 12 at night then the bright side of the moon faces eastward.

And, when it comes to buying survival gear there are several options available. For one, you can check out flea markets, which are great for buying knives. Garage sales are another option as there you will find much variety and they are perfect for buying affordable firearms as well as dried storage foods. If you want to buy survival gear online then be sure to check out Craigslist and eBay.

The bottom line is that it pays to take up survival as a hobby or precaution because you will learn to live intentionally. You will also learn to do things according to a plan and this can help save you in a tricky situation, sites like Survival Envy are great for that. You will also learn better self-control and you will also learn to be more flexible. Best of all, taking up survival also means that you will learn to be more thankful that you are able to survive in difficult circumstances.