The L1A and L1B Visas and How They Are Helpful to Companies in Foreign Countries

An L1A Visa is for workers who are foreign and who will be working in the United States as either an executive or manager. The L1B Visa is for workers who will be working in the United States as a worker with specialized knowledge. Neither these are non-immigrant Visas, so they are temporary and do not directly lead to a green card.


The L1A visa is for transfer employee’s intracompany who will be going to the United States to work for the same company in a position that is either an executive or managerial position. To understand whether you qualify for this kind of visa or not, you as well as the company must align the definitions of exactly what a managerial or executive position is with that of the United States government or immigration services.

Promoted and claim the title

The US immigration services maintain that it is not enough for anyone to just be promoted and then claim the title of the position of an executive or manager. Their job explanation must also be changed to reflect the employees’ new position. What this means is their company needs to give the new job descriptions of the person’s new position and duties to the pertinent authorities when the employee applies for the Visa.

L1B Visa

The L1B visa is given to employees who are foreign with knowledge that is specialized and who is being moved to their company’s US office. An L1B individual visa is another one of the L1 Visa categories for intra-company transfers who are transferring employees having knowledge that is specializedand related to the best benefits of the company. L-1 Visas also lets employers bring these employees to the US with the resolve of launching a new US subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of theirorganization.