List of Estonian Delicacies Not to Miss Out in Tallinn

Estonia is a country, which is covered with forest and farmland. The country has abundance of horticulture and agricultural crops. Therefore, pure Estonian nature can be tasted in their traditional cuisine.

Estonian adores their country food, but has also adapted new flavours from many countries. Today, the new, local, traditional, and international cuisines are eagerly combined in home kitchen and all the Tallinna restoranid (Tallinn Restaurants).

Popular Estonian food is jellied meat, blood sausage and sauerkraut. Besides these superstars there is variety of undiscovered and delicious foods, which tourists need to taste. The locals are already familiar with the list of Estonian delicacies mentioned below.

Sprat sandwich

A grey fish laid on dark bread slice does not sound appetising. It is actually very delicious even though it lacks beauty. It gets served with egg or a mixture of egg and fish (form of sauce).

Locals serve sprat sandwiches on generally every occasion like birthdays, New Years Eve, weddings, and even funerals. Sprat sandwich is found in the menu of every local restaurant around Tallinn.

Curd snack

Fresh sweet curd is pressed and covered in caramel or chocolate. There are plain and flavored varieties, which include fillings of coconut, kiwi fruit, chocolate, and coconut. You can even find bread flavored Kohuke or snack curd.

Potato & Groats Porridge  

In the past, this porridge was served to peasants at kitchen table on vital holidays as a part of celebration. Today, this totally peasant Estonian porridge is served with bacon. You can get a taste of this cuisine at Open Air Museum’s tavern.

Black bread

Estonian black bread is related with tons of tradition and superstition. For example, never cut a fresh loaf of bread in the evening but this whole concept has got outdated with the launch of pre-sliced bread. In case, you accidentally dropped the black bread, don’t throw it away but pick it, kiss it and eat. Many bakeries around Tallinn offer wide varieties of homemade bread.


Technically Kama is not a dessert but it includes ingredients, which are used in desserts. Actually, it is a blend of different flours including rye, oat, barley and pea. Traditional way of enjoying Kama is to eat with kefir or buttermilk. Recently, Tallin chefs have incorporated Kama in variety of desserts like ice cream, cake, etc.


Beer is the favorite drink of Estonians. Recently, many micro-breweries have popped around. Beer gourmands can enjoy wide range of products and tastes. Berry and fruit wines are made in homes. Põltsamaa Kuldne is homemade sweet apple wine, which is perfect to enjoy with pumpkin or apple pie.

Popular Estonian alcoholic brew is Vana Tallinn. It is liquor, which blends well with coffee and is ideal for flavouring dessert.

At Maikrahv restaurant food lovers can enjoy lactose and gluten free food. Four season foods can be tasted because summer includes fresh potatoes along with salad prepared from cucumber, tomato, and cottage cheese. In autumn, all the varieties of wild berries ripe and gardens are loaded with apples, plums and currants. Winter is hunting season, which brings meat. Baltic Sea is popular for providing different types of fishes.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Fred Pipkin. Maikrahv restaurant takes pride in its ancient tradition. Its menu provides special but unique dishes, which resemble festive meals. Food lovers can enjoy the tasty delicacies, and their recipes stretch beyond centuries. It is located in Jegorov House in Tallinn.