Making Childhood Memories: Planning a Family Vacation

If you cherish your own childhood travel memories, you’ll surely want to share the same sort of experiences with your own kid. Travel provides a perfect opportunity to make wonderful memories as a family. How soon are you leaving? Now is the ideal time to start planning a family vacation to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Preemptively prevent stress

Family vacations are known to cause all sorts of stress, much of which can be prevented. As you are putting together your getaway, keep little ones apprised of plans. Use a three-ring binder to build a pre-travel notebook and invite your child to draw pictures of things that will happen during your vacation. If you’re heading to Grandma’s house for the holidays, ask your kid to draw colorful images of a happy family reunion. Most kids love to draw and color, and they also like to know what’s going on. A pre-vacay notebook makes kids feel involved, advises Aha Parenting magazine.

Something for everyone

When planning your family getaway, be sure to include amusements for every family member in your travel itinerary. If you opt for a kid-focused destination, choose a place that offers adult activities, as well. For instance, as you are pre-purchasing admission tickets to an amusement park, go ahead and reserve links time at a nearby golf course. Check into a hotel with a kiddie concierge and a spa for mom, too.

If you’re taking a road trip, don’t expect one person to do all the driving. Mom and Dad can take turns, and if a responsible teen is on the trip, let them do a bit of the driving. You will have a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery, and your teenager will feel trusted.

Don’t forget to take time away from technology. Sure, your kids may remain amused by their video games, but for first-class family memories, put the devices down and explore real-life things together. Go camping, tour a museum, toss a frisbee at a park, or take a leisurely stroll along a beach at sunset.

Preserve memories with postcards

In the 21st century, few people rely on ‘snail mail’ to communicate. If your kids count on text messages and social media to stay in touch with their friends, show them how to send postcards, too. Affordable for kids to send, postcards hold more information than a tweet and are always appreciated by the recipient, explains Travelers Child magazine.

Buy stacks of postcards that feature interesting images of the place you visit, and take them back to your room at the Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel Baltimore or wherever you are staying. Before you leave for your trip, buy stamps and tuck them into your carry-on bag along with your address book.

Help kids get enthused about your vacation and be sure to clue them in. Have a friendly pep talk about your upcoming trip and let the kids know you are looking forward to sharing and exploring as a family.