Palembang: Road to Asian Games 2018

Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra province, boasts beautiful scenes of a gorgeous river town. It lies by Sumatra’s longest river, Musi, where an attractive floating market attracts, not just local people, but additionally foreign tourists. Palembang used to be the Sriwijaya Kingdom. It had been one of the greatest Buddhism kingdoms of its time. It mastered trade relations in the sea paths because it’d be the strongest navy. Palembang remains known as Bumi Sriwijaya or the country of Sriwijaya. The name of Sriwijaya can be used for the city soccer ball team. The port town is frequently picked to host national and international watersport competitions.

It’s claimed to possess the best rowing place in Asia. Consequently, Palembang has been picked as the sponsor of the Asian Games 2018 Palemban along with Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. This most significant sporting event in Asia is going to take place on August eighteenth to September 2nd.

Here are things you ought to know about Palembang and its beauty.

  1. Aiming to be Indonesia’s game tourism city

Palembang’s sports complex, Jakabaring Sports City, is situated in the center of Palembang. There are going to be 10 sport of the 2018 Asian Games. They’re basketball, rowing, canoeing, shooting, mountain climbing, feminine football, sepak takraw or kick volleyball, tennis, triathlon, and beach volleyball. The JSC is also known as the athlete village since its game venues are located within walking distance. It’s also eight apartments towers to accommodate up to 3, 700 athletes.

  1. Loaded with delicious delicacies, historical landmarks, and cultural festivities.

Whenever you visit Palembang, you must attempt its famous traditional dish, pempek or good fish cake. Pempek is made of fish and tapioca. It’s served with cuko or vinegar sauce rich with sweet, sour, and a little spicy taste. Apart from pempek, Palembang also has numerous other mouth-watering restaurants, such as mie celor or noodles served in a coconut milk soup with shrimps and vegetables. Plus the delicacies, Palembang provides another beauty you can’t resist: Ampera Bridge. Ampera Bridge cuts across Sumatra’s longest river, Musi River. The 1, 177-meter long bridge is, in fact, the emblem people of Palembang are trying to win a bridge for many years before it was finally built in 1957.

The Ampera Bridge is only one of many Palembang’s sights which hide exciting history. You also need to visit Kuto Besak Fort and Cheng Ho Mosque to finish your visit in Palembang! In case you wish to get at know the local culture deeper, then you must come to their festivities. Probably the most awaited festivals are 2018 Sriwijaya Festival on August 22nd to 27th in Kuto Besak Fortress. The festival will showcase cultural performances, as well as local culinary, from 17 regencies and cities in the South Sumatra.

3 Providing a broad range of accommodations

Palembang is there for backpackers as well as luxury seekers. It’s both spending budget and five-star hotels that can help you make the majority of your trip.