Pizzerias of Montreal – How to select?

With the number of Pizzerias opening up in Montreal is both a boon and the curse for the people. While the options and variations of taste is really worth cherishing, often times it gets confusing to buy a pizza and select the right outlet. When on a hunt to eat the finest of pizzas that hold an authentic taste, some restaurants like Double Pizza Montreal stand out with their taste, service and experience. Crafting the best of menu and serving the authentic taste of Italy, these restaurants have made their own affliction with the customers.

If you are looking for good pizzerias and don’t know how to select the one that shall fulfill your requirements, here is what you need to know!

Quality over quantity

Never order a pizza from a pizzeria just because it giving more for less the price. The basis of picking up a pizzeria should be its fine quality and not the quality. Even if a pizzeria sells a giant size of pizza of the utmost quality for a high price, it still becomes worth the money. As there are relatively less number of joints serving the fine taste, rely on the ones that are known for their taste and not quantity.

Delivery time matters

The time in which the pizzerias deliver the pizzas at your doorstep really matters. This calculates how fresh and hot your pizza arrives at the door. The more time your pizzeria takes to reach out to you, the blander and unsatisfying the pizza gets! Choose the one that has the minimum i.e. 30 minutes to 45 minutes of delivery time to savour the finest of taste.

Create Your Own Pizza

Almost every pizzeria today allows the customers to customize on their pizzas. The section ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ at Double Pizza allows you to select the crust, base sauce, cheese variant, toppings and the way your pizza shall be made. Therefore bringing just what you want right at your doorstep.

Taste that defines authenticity

Pizza originated in Italy and has traveled around the world. There are many variants to its taste. But the perfect is one which still holds the authenticity of the Italian Pizza. Pick from the outlets that offer you an authentic taste. That is what is going to make your experience worth it.

When ordering pizza from an outlet, consider these important and interesting ideas for your selection – you aren’t going to make a mistake again!