People today are starting to feel that life is more than just the possessions they own in life, it’s about how they live their lives that’s what matters. It’s the 21st century, after all, the American Dream that many of non-American citizens had once believed, is now dead. People don’t travel to the US to find a good life anymore, but rather they travel for leisure and their dream trip of a lifetime.

The USA is one of the most popular destinations in the world today. In fact, according to, the USA ranks as the third most visited countries in the world.

If you are one of those people who dreamt of having a trip in the US, then this article is for you. We know how difficult and overwhelming is the planning for a trip in the US, so here are a few steps and tips on how you can plan for your dream trip of a lifetime in the USA:

  1. Know your financial situation. A trip to the US can be costly and expensive. From booking your flights and having your travel visa and documents ready, to booking your accommodation, getting around the country, the food and the activities; you have to be ready financially when thinking of going on a trip in the US. It’s time to check your savings, and budget how much are you willing to pay for your dream trip of a lifetime.
  2. Getting a tourist visa for your US trip. Visa is the most important requirement for you to enter US soil. Make sure to apply the correct type of visa in the US to avoid getting declined in the immigration. You can check the official visa website of the US to guide you on your visa application and give you the complete list of necessary documents for your travel.

When applying for a visa, you don’t need to buy your flight ticket first for your visa application; you can instead present a flight itinerary for your visa and then book your flight once you get approved.

Also, you must take note that once you hit the US soil, your 90 days stay in the country start in counting and it does not reset when you cross the border of Canada and Mexico. You must also check if your passport is at least still valid for 6 months from the date of your travel to get approved for your tourist visa.

  1. Booking your flight going to the United States. After you get your US Visa, you can go ahead and book your flights going to the US. Airlines like the United Airlines can give you the best deal for your flight especially if you will book your trip in advance. It is one of the major airlines in the You can also check your local travel agents to see if they can give you the best deals for your flights.

On the day of your travel, make it a habit to check the status of your flight online; a flight tracker like flightstatus24 can give you updated real-time status of your flight and see if there are any changes in your flight like a cancellation or delay.

  1. Planning your trip itinerary. There are so many interesting places in the United States. The country is more than just the popular cities like Las Vegas, or New York, or even Disneyland. Careful planning and research are necessary for you to achieve your dream trip to the USA. Consider thinking of what you want to see and do in the US; they have more than 60 national parks that are waiting for you to see, exciting cities and theme parks, and beaches and mountains. You see, the USA is a big country, and it is made up of 50 states that vary with their unique culture and landscapes.

Also, keep in mind the time that you have for your trip to the US. You may want to break up your trip into regions you want to explore, book for a domestic flight or rent a car to visit states you want to visit.

  1. Research activities you can do in the US. With its diverse cultures and famous sites and attractions, it’s impossible to run out of things to do on your trip in the US. Make a list of the things you want to do in your tour, you may also want to consider booking day tour or city tours in the country, or visit the famous national parks like the Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Taking time to research and plan your activities for your travel will save you time and money, and will let you discover things you haven’t known before about the country.
  2. Booking accommodations. There a lot of accommodation options in the United States. Most of the hotels and other accommodations in the US can be booked online where you can also find great deals if you book in advance. Booking in advance is also a wise decision especially if you will travel in peak season when most of the hotels, motels, lodges, and Airbnb are usually fully-booked.
  3. Getting travel insurance. Investing for travel insurance is a smart decision especially if you will be traveling in the United States where health care is quite expensive. You wouldn’t want to run out of money while on your trip because you have to pay for some minor illness or injury while on your trip.
  4. Know how to get around in the US. Flying domestically in the US can be tiring and stressful because of long lines and delays, and sometimes canceled flights. There are other better ways to roam around in the US; there is train and bus system in the country where tickets can be bought online or in the stations, there is also, of course, the car rentals on which you can have a better experience of visiting places at your own pace.
  5. Know what to pack for your USA trip. This will depend on how long you are going to spend your trip in the US and the season on which you will be going. Pack what you normally pack on your vacation, and do not forget to bring your summer outfits or walking or hiking shoes, and cardigan or sweater just in case to be prepared.