What Is the Right Time to Visit Colombia?

 Colombia is a tropical country and that is why it has different climatic zones. The equator is running through the Columbia and that is why it has tropical weather for most of the year. If you are willing to know the best time to visit colombia, then you are supposed to decide your budget first. This is because it matters a lot as how much you can pay for your hotel room. Howmany parties you are willing to attend. Naturally, this place will cost more during celebration time. People who are interested in knowing the culture and experience local customs, must visit this place during a celebration.

Climatic conditions

Colombia has a stable climate throughout the year. The average temperature is around 80°F and you can notice a drop of approximately 11° per 1000 m above sea level.

Public holidays

Columbia has more public holidays than other countries; it is around 16. During public holidays, businesses will remain closed for the full day. If you are going there for a few days, then visiting it over a public holiday will not be the right choice.


On public holidays,you will notice a day off, but when it is a celebration time, you will enjoy it to its fullest. Colombia is worth visiting during celebration time. In February, you can take part in carnival de Barranquilla in Atlantico. Street performers wear elaborate costumes to show off and the celebration lasts for four days. In the month of June and July every year a musical festival takes place known as festival Folclorico de Ibague in Tolima. In the month of January, you will find the Feria de Manizales in Caldes, the celebration organizersorganize a beauty contest and bullfight.

Last words

If you want to save your hard-earned money and want to enjoy your trip to its fullest than November, February and March will be the right time will be the best time to visit colombia. You will have a combination of all three things like, you will get better prices with fewer crowds, drier weather and you can enjoy more in outdoor activities. As the weather is unpredictable in this tropical country, there is no bad time to visit this country. If you are aware of the cheapest time, then you can save a lot ofmoney and maximize your enjoyment.