Side Turkey Village Tour

Side Village Tour is able to upgrade and enhance your holidays by engaging you into an amazing trip in Side’s countryside. This village exploration includes stops in some of the most impressive and known natural wonders in the area. In addition, touring around the villages, allows participants of this excursion to understand and experience the culture and lifestyle of the local people. Experiencing the authentic Turkish hospitality is something truly uniqand definitely, your holidays will never be the same after this excursion.

The tour combines relaxation, exploration and cultural elements in an extraordinary all in one package. Side Village Tour is set to start during the morning. On a pre-arranged time, a modern and comfortable vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Side. An assigned tour guide will be there to welcome you and explain to you the excursion’s program as the road trip begins. In is important to note that during the road trip, several photo breaks will be offered in order to admire the serenity of the countryside and snap some interesting photos.

The first stop of this full day tour, will take place at a National Park. There, participants will visit the infamous Altınbeşik Cave. The spot is also known as Golden Cradle Cave an forms one of the most extravagant and thrilling natural wonders of the area. Inside the cave, you can observe bridges connecting both sides. However, what really distinguishes this natural wonder from the others is that it features the largest underground lake in Turkey. It is also the 3rd largest underground lake in Europe. While you are there, you will enjoy a 30-minute boat trip around the lake in order to experience from first-hand the beauty of nature.

After that, a lunch break will be offered at a local tradition restaurant in Ormana. There, you can take your time to relax while eating the freshly made lunch. An interesting fact is that the restaurant is located in the backyard of a traditional Buttoned House. The name, Buttoned Houses, is due to the architectural and construction style that they have. In fact, the materials used for their construction contained no cement or mortar. In that village, there are more than 300 houses of this kind so take some time to explore the house and understand some interesting facts about its construction and style.

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By the end of your visit to the Buttoned House, you will again enter the comfortable bus and enjoy a short road trip towards your next stop. This final stop is schedule to take place at a village. There, you will visit a mosque that is characterized and listed as one of the most important in the area. This holy place has 300 years of history and is still an active place of worship. The tour guide will provide an interesting and detailed description of the place’s importance and history.

After that, you will walk around the village in order to observe the charming streets and neighbourhoods. The relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that the village has will be one of the most interesting aspects of this tour. There, you can also understand the laid back lifestyle and the culture of the local people by interacting with them. People who are living in the countryside are the best representatives of the Turkish hospitality and this will be the best opportunity to experience it.

When the village exploration is over, you will enter the bus and continue on your way back to Side. The road trip will be full of great views and spectacular landscapes. Return to your hotel is scheduled during the afternoon.