Singapore’s Tourism Industry can Better Leverage Technology to Grow

Singapore’s tourism industry has recorded substantial growth for the second consecutive year. Almost seventeen and a half million tourists visited Singapore in 2017, marking a growth of 6.2% compared to the previous year. 2016 had also recorded some fascinating highs.

As per the data available for 2017, there were record arrivals of visitors from India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, the United States and the United Kingdom. Singapore also welcomed a record high of German tourists. These seven are among the top fifteen markets where from the city state receives the maximum number of tourists every year.

While the traditional markets have been fueling the growth of the tourism industry over the years, Singapore is now also faring well in erstwhile untapped regions. However, this growth needs to be sustained and as the Minister for Trade and Industry has put it, the country cannot take the steady expansion for granted.

Mr. S Iswaran, the Minister for Trade and Industry, has said while addressing the 2018 Tourism Industry Conference that the country can leverage technology in the sector to fuel more growth. He shared several instances and possibilities how technology can be used to improve marketing, to create a much larger outreach, to offer better experiences to tourists and to increase productivity across sectors within the vertical. The Tourism Board has been releasing all relevant data that indicate the industry is in a sound and sustainable state. However, there can be a ripple effect if global economic growth stagnates or if some major economies don’t recover completely. Presently, the sentiments are upbeat as most economies are well past the recessionary phases and most have recovered while some are almost back to its prerecession growth rates.

Mr. Iswaran emphasized that the tourism industry of the republic will suffer if trade protectionism really comes into play, especially in light of the spat between China and the United States. Any major fluctuation in the large economies or global economy as a whole will have immediate adverse effects on the tourism sector on the island. The minister also reiterated that tourists are looking for more interesting and distinct experiences, visitors want most information available easily which could be on web portals or via smart phones, as in apps. The industry should respond accordingly to continue to entice tourists from across the region and beyond.

The Tourism Information and Services Hub that went live recently is expected to usher in some phenomenal changes in every sector associated with tourism. The platform offers real time information to various types of businesses. The platform is also aimed at increasing collaborations, sharing of information and helping enterprises to improve how they offer their services or products to tourists. The one stop source of information already has opening and closing hours at touristy places, latest deals and walking trails. The portal can become an aggregator platform helping tourists find the most relevant guides, information and resources to plan perfect itineraries. For the tourism industry to keep growing, all players in the industry should contribute more and leverage the available and emerging technologies.

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