Sri Lanka Travel Guide: What Should Look Forward To

Sri Lanka – formerly known as Ceylon – is a country like on one else. It has got this heady mixture of British colonial heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly locals. All this combine to make this tropical island country a must-see destination on tourist lists.

There are many tour operators who are offering Sri Lanka tour packages at different rates. For first time tourists to Sri Lanka, here are a few tips to make the most of your vacation time to the isle country.

  • Do Not Rush

Some people prefer to have a packed itinerary. However, the real charm of the country is in going slow. Rushing around from one place to the other would just leave you fatigued. Rather you should take it slow and spend some time at each place to absorb the real beauty of the country.

  • Try Local Accommodations

Your tour operator may have plans to set you up in a good hotel or resort. The country does have some good hotel brands setting up resorts and providing best in the class accommodation facilities to tourists. However, there is a very thriving industry of homegrown lodging facilities being managed by the locals. If you really want to step out of your own comfort zone and experience the Sri Lanka way of living then you should lodge with them.

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  • Go to Relax and Not Rave

If you are expecting to find beach parties where you can just let your hair down and let loose, then you may find fewer options in Sri Lanka. The country will offer you more options to relax rather than rave. You can picture yourself lying down on a beach somewhere getting a good tan or just enjoying a session of a relaxing massage.

  • Walk Rather than Drive

If you want to experience Sri Lanka up and close then you should prefer walking compared to driving around. Walk through the streets to see the different colors of the country. You will get to bask in the aromas of the local spices that get exported to different countries across the world.

  • Eat Street Food

The street food of the country is full of flavors that are quite unique. You will get plenty of options to try different street food items in the country. Walk into the local markets that would fill your nostrils with different aromas and tantalize your taste buds.