STAG DO – Looking for a relatively cheap destination or you are prepared to spend like a champ?

You just found out you were going to be best man? That means you’ve got a job to do: arrange a perfect stag party and make your mate’s last days of freedom epic!

First of all, you need to choose the destination. And because the best stag dos are, in fact, the wild stag weekends abroad, here are some of the most popular cities in Europe where you can go and have a lot of fun!

But because prices are often one of the most important aspects of organizing such a big party, I split those destinations between expensive and less expensive.  

So, I’ll show you where you can get the most affordable stag weekend packages and where you can have the best fun if money is not a problem for you and your friends!

Cheap but nice cities for a stag do with lots of affordable beer:

Bucharest, Romania

Hot clubbing atmosphere – checked! Nice party people – checked! Hot girls – checked! And last but not least, very cheap booze – checked!

Actually, Romanians are famous when it comes to having fun and that’s why they are considered to be crazy party people! More than that, in Bucharest you’ll see lots of gorgeous ladies and the food from restaurants is absolutely incredible!

Some activities that you should not miss in the capital of Romania:

  • Go to drink in the Bucharest Old City.
  • Try something a little bit hardcore, like tandem skydiving or wakeboarding.
  • Don’t want to miss the chance to visit the Castle of Count Dracula – the most popular centuries-old vampire!
  • Choose some adrenaline activities like outdoor paintball, escape rooms, shooting, waterpark or karting.
  • Don’t forget about hot stuff: dominatrix strip dinner, steak dinner with a stripper, cleaning lady stripper or hitchhiker stripper.

Sofia, Bulgaria

With a very affordable nightlife, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria offers you:

  • Pub crawl and club tour, party bus – with or without a hot stripper, and, also, it gives you the chance to go for a night to ski under the star, on some powdery slopes near town.
  • Bulgarian traditional meals, dinner and strip show, private dinner with naked sushi body.
  • For daytime, you can choose, in Sofia, activities like paintball, bossaball, zorbing, offroad, indoor karting, or something more relaxing, like spa and massage.

Ready to spend like a champ?

Here are two of the most popular destinations in Europe that are not really cheap, but have been greatly appreciated by all the boys who have chosen them for stag dos:

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia

Bratislava for a stag weekend? Your schedule can contain a lot of adrenaline and don`t worry, cause that doesn`t mean you have to forget about the strippers and the booze!

Let`s see:

  • Hydrospeeding, house running, bridge swinging, action tower jump, white water rafting – what can be more fun? Seems like Bratislava is the perfect destination for some getaways for adrenaline junkies!
  • Crawl, strip, club and casino entry, mud wrestling with naked hot girls, lap dances, lesbo shows, hot body shots – what do you may want more?

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic

Well, when you say Prague, you say beer! A lot of beer! So, one of the popular activity you can choose here is to take a ride with a beer bike with 30 litres of beer. And, of course, you can not miss the chance to have a tour of the Staropramen brewery, one of the world’s best beer, and taste the beer from straight from the source.

Besides these, Prague offers you the classic type of stag do activities too!

For more ideas and a lot of affordable packages services, take a look on the – one of the best websites that can help you to organize a perfect stag weekend abroad!